As I mention I am in college and will be going to study abroad next year. I have decided to go to Thailand. Alot of people must be wondering why? My brother told me I should go to Korea but I in returned asked him why and he didn’t give me a answer as to why. I’ve been thinking about it and decided I would go to Thailand because I feel like I’m linked to Thailand. I was born there and feel that i have a connection. I also looked at the program and it looks fun. I looked at the syllabus for the courses that are held there and they look promising. I’m majoring in International Relation and feel that i will be able to get a great experience there. The University is one of the best in Thailand so i feel thats also a plus in going there. I’m still finalizing the details so I’ll update on my staus.  I’m also loving my classes. I’m taking a woman in comparative politics and I like the class. The number of students is small and makes it easier to talk when we have discussions. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the future. I”m thinking very hard and am trying very hard so i hope to see some good things happen.


4 thoughts on “School!

  1. kayleen says:

    OMG…i’m so excited for you that your going to thailand to study…i always want to go….but just dnt have the chance like you…If you dont mind me asking…How do you get started? wat is the step you have to go through wen trying to apply to study aboard? maybe we can study together…thanks..

    • iluvjin says:

      Well I’m going through my school so if you’re in college it’ll give you an advantage. I’m going through the KEI program to Thailand so you can also check on that while you’re at it. The program lets you take course that go towards your major so it’s a plus and they take you on trips! It’ll be so fun!! You should go study! I would love to make another friend!!

      • kayleen says:

        thanks so much for the info…Hopefully I could get in like you…Love to be friend with you…so do u have a facebook or aim mybe msn…maybe we can chat…if i have any question regrading the program…we can chat…thanks again friend…:)

      • iluvjin says:

        Well depending on your colleges deadline for study abroad, the deadline for KEI is in June. You should get started now if you want to. Most college deadlines are coming up. My is next week. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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