So here I am talking about Ghosts!! I just ran across a blog that had ghost stories and just had to tell mine. This story is true because behold it happened to me!!

Ghost by the window

My family was living in a duplex and we shared it with my grandparents and three uncles. I can say it was a big family living in a duplex with three rooms. The duplex is quite big so it was able to fit us all or maybe because i was small i saw everything bigger than me. When you enter the duplex you will be in the living with another living room to the left and a small area to the left that we stored two beds. Next to the livingroom was the master bedroom and bathroom that was where it happened.

It was when I was around 7 or 8 years old. It was very late and I was sleeping along on a queen sized bed in the larger livingroom. I had woken up and since I needed to pee I didn’t care to wake my sister or mother. I walked to the bathroom and didn’t close the door. I remember that I could see the moonlight through the window. The toliet was near the door but right infront of the big mirror on the wall. After I looked at the window, and at my self I looked to my left to look out at the living room and there I saw a womans figure looking at me. I was scared. I don’t remember what she looked like but she had a dress and I could see my fathers car through her. I don’t know why after I got up quickly I washed my hands and ran to my bed. I was scared but I couldn’t close my eyes. I stared up at the ceiling and fell asleep. I don’t know how I did it because my bed was right next to that livingroom right in the opean and I was alone! The next day I told my grandmother what had happened and she told me that she had believed me but all my older sister told me that I was lying.

I can say that what I saw was real! the details may be blured but it was true. I saw what I saw that day and no one can say I didn’t. I think being Hmong can be scary when it comes to ghosts! I have more stories to come!


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