The Black

Lee So Min and Jang Jin Young are back!! I have tears in my eyes!! I have been a fan of fan of Black Beat but because the band broke up in 2006 I gave up on the possibility of them coming back together. Black Beat was under SME and can I say that I really dislike the company. The man likes to make money and not use talent! I’m for sure that they aren’t under SME right now because Jin young left and joined JinSung a year ago. I’m not sure where that duo went but I’m sure it didn’t make it, since he’s back with So Min singing this single. I hope that third time is the charm for Jin young! They have been working hard and I wish it pays off! Hwaiting The Black!!! Hwaiting Jin young!! Hwaiting So Min!! I heard that their song “Never Again” come up #1 on the charts but have yet to confirm it.

Hwang Sang Hoon, Lee So Min, Jang Jin Young, Jung Ji Hoon, Sim Jae won

I hope that in the future they can get back together and sing for their fans who have patiently waited for them to come back!

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12 thoughts on “The Black

  1. andrea baker says:

    i really want to here more on the korean group Black Beat.they are so hot. i really want to meet these guys. they also need to come out with a new album. it would be nice to see them together again angela baker independence,kentucky

  2. azia baker says:

    us americans need to get more imformation on mr. jang jin young, and lee so min. they act like we dont love them. they have no address,no email,or nothing. we cant even buy their new album The Black. i want to know more about these guys and so does my friends and family. come on Mr jang jin young and Mr lee so min. help us out!

    • azia baker says:

      your so so right. i cant find no imformation on these guys. all i know is they use to be in a band called Black Beat. and yes. we americans love them. listen to this lady azia.we want to know more

  3. iluvjin says:

    Hi! I’m glad to hear that you guys like them! I’m sad to say though that they were not that popular in Korea and therefore don’t have a lot of info on them. I’m sure they have a fanclub but I’m not sure where to find it.

    I did find a link to their profiles but it’s in Korean.
    So Min

    Jin Young

    Sorry, I can’t be of more help. If I knew how to read Korean it would be a lot easier. If there is any new about the two I will let you guys know! Thanks so much for supporting them!

  4. I know some information about them ‘casue I found their facebook luckyly
    Sorry, I haven’t used wordpress before…so I do something wrong when I do comment 😦

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