I just bought this camera this week and love it! It’s sad though because I don’t have any film yet so, It’s just sitting in my room. I can not wait to bring it with me on my journey to Thailand!! Although I love this camera, I’m still going to go buy another one. There are only 10 film that come in a pack so that kind of sucks. When I do take pictures though I will post them up! I love photography but never had the money before to buy a camera so I can’t wait to use it!! This is a Fuji camera but the one I’m going to buy is a Sony (below)!

This camera will be able to take more pictures when I go. It’s also digital so It’ll be easier for me to upload pictures online. I’m super excited!! I keep thinking of also getting a new laptop too, because the one I’m using keeps on freezing on me. I’ve only had it for a year! How sad is that!! I don’t want to though because I’m kinda broke! The world of technology is killing me!!


2 thoughts on “Cameras!

  1. shadow says:

    haha, that’s the camera that i wanna buy too 😀
    my brother told me not to buy it cause i still have my old one and it is still good too. but i really want that sony camera 😦 i want to take it with me to my trip in Japan this summer. but look at the cost of that camera i’m really broke right now too 😦
    it’s suck to be a college kid because you could only work so much and you have so much bills too 😦

  2. iluvjin says:

    ^ I know how you feel! I’m also a college student! There are so many things need to go travel but money is the thing that limits us!

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