365 Days in Love update!

The pictures are out from the photoshoot! I’m kinda late, this came out probably a few days ago! Thanks to my wonderful friend Anonymousblue for finding the pictures!! Once I learn how to read Thai I will be able to look for information and get it here faster!

They look so good together!!! Can’t wait to watch this lakorn!! I found out that it will be filming the same day of the opening which is on the March of 9!


One thought on “365 Days in Love update!

  1. roselovesice says:

    Sweet. Thanks for the pictures.
    I know. i can’t wait for them to start filming it already.
    i sooo want to see it now ! lol
    They’re sooooo Perfect for each other. eheheh 😛
    but we all know that won’t come true but only
    in our imaginary world. Lolol
    Very Cute na ~ ♥
    Thanks Again (:

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