Taddao Bussaya EP 6 Summary

I’m just giving a brief summary of today’s episode. Lyn at Lyn’s Lakorn Blog will have a much more detail summary of the episodes. Plus my Thai isn’t that great just yet so I don’t understand everything said in the episode.

It starts with Duen (Taddao’s stepmother) and ex-lover beating and drugging Peun. I don’t know why they put this ridiculous wig on him! I guess to make him look crazy! They don’t get anything out of him though.  Sudtad is still curious at why her stepmother forbids her from going near the house and decides to go to Puens house again. Looking though the house she finds Puens ID and narrowly gets away as the killer returns to the house. (Looks like he’s living there for the time being) Tad returns home to find that the servant girl had seen her leave.

The girl asks her where she went and she lies that she was Hungry so she went to eat. The girl tells her that she clearly saw her leave the house grounds and asks if she has gone to meet someone. She assures the girl that she didn’t and returns to the guest house to find that  Jao was waiting for her too. He asks where she went and she lies to him. He doesn’t believe her and tells her that she had gone quite a long time.  She tells him that it’s not her fault.  He gets angry and shouts at her to tell her to do what ever she wants. She stops him and tells him that she promises him she will tell him everything in the future and apoligizes. This makes him happy.

Tad takes care of her grandmother after she refuses the servant and her younger brother to wipe her and come near her. The grandmother is still angry at the brother who didn’t know that his mother had switched papers to sign the house over to her. After wiping her grandmother her brother confronts her and shouts at her. Thinking about what her brother said she wonders and finds her self in front of the house where her stepmother had prohibited her from going near. She meets the guy servant and asks about the house but he turns her away. Inside Puen who looks crazy but seems sane asks the servant to let him go. Tad who returned to the house is about the open that door when Duen comes and pushes her away. She slaps her and tells her that if she disobey her again she will fire her.

Duens ex-lover goes to meet Taddaos mother and asks for tiang. Suriously I don’t know why he’s trying so hard to help Duen. I think he might still be in love with her or maybe it’s all for the money.

Jao returns home and gives Tad an outfit for helping out at his girlfriends restaurant. He tells her to try it out she she gladly does but walks away to change. He shouts at her to just wear it in front of him and grabs her shirt to unbutton. She tryings to pull away and ends up kicking him. He shouts at her and tells her that she acts like a girl. She apologizes.

At Sang Kum’s opening Jao greets Sang Kum with a hug but is interrupted by witoon. As soon as the three talk Duen and tom enter. Although Sang kum is the one opening the restaurant Tom gives the flowers to Jao. As sang kum gets ready for the opening Jao goes and find Tud making smoothies  and starts to help her out. Tom comes in and interrupts the two and takes him outside for the photographers to take pictures of them. Jao excuses himself and walks over to Sang Kum where Witton introduces the two as lovers. Sang Kum pulls Jao over and tells him that she has invited someone she wants him to see. When they reach the gate the one to she has invited turns out to be his father. He is not happy about this at all. He is still angry. After the opening The two talk but it turns in to a argument that makes both upset. His father then walks and sits in the room where Tad is making smoothies. Knowing that he will recognize him she turns away and talks to him with her back to him. He gets angry and demands that he sees her face. But as luck had it Tom and Duen enter the room. Tad is safe for the moment. Tad then finds Jao and tells him that his father had left. He is still mad and tells her that he doesn’t care and didn’t want to know.

Tom gets a chance to talk to sang kum and tries to make her jealous of her and Jao but Witton who knows what they are trying to do interrupts them. Sang Kum again talks to Jao about his father this makes Jao angry and shout at her. Witton witnesses this and doesn’t like it one bit. (He should just tell her he likes her) Witton then punches Jao and tells him he is being idiotic. Tad tries to help Jao but he pushes her away.

Returning home Tum askes where she has been and tells her that her grandmother did not eat and wants Tad only. She rushes in and starts to take care of her. Tum is also not happy to see that the grandmother only wants tad to take care of her.

Waiting for Jao, Tad walks back and forth in front of their guest house and sees a drunk Jao return. Tad tries to help him but he pushes her away. eventually he falls and she helps him into his room. There she asks him why he got drunk but he shouts at her. She tells him to go apoligize to Sang Kum and witton the next day but he refuses.  He then quiets down and tells her that he hates his father. She tells him that it is a sin to hate his own father. She sits near him and tells him that he should try to be happeir. He thinks of Sang Kum and sits up to see Tad. Since he is drunk he thinks that she is Sang Kum and grabs her in a hug. She tries to push him away but falls and land on her back. He then starts to slowly move towards her and kisses her. She finally pushes him away and runs to her room where she tries to stop thinking about the kiss.

The next morning while preparing breakfast she notices Jao walking over to her and turns away. Calling for her she ignores him but finally g over to him to hand him coffee. As soon as he touches her hands she pulled away making him confused at her actions. Then he realizes that he must have done something wrong to her when he was drunk. He grabs her and asks her what he did. She tells him that he did something wrong but never tells him about the kiss.

Tad goes back to take care of her grandmother and takes her out of the house for fresh air.She asks her where her parents are and she tells her that her father died and her mother was remarried. Then she asks her about her grandmother. Tad goes on to tell her that she has one but her grandmother didn’t like her mother but she believes on day her grandmother will.

He brother still doesn’t like the idea of his grandmother choosing Tad over him. His mother and sister arrive to taunt him but he shouts at his mother that his grandmother would not hate him is it wasn’t for her which cause her to hit him.

Jao does go and apoligize to Sang Kum and Witton.

The servant girls leads tad to her fathers room and is ordered to clean. Tad is sad to see the room disorderly. She hugs her fathers shirts and starts to look around. She finds a old envelope under the bed which could be the Will but it isn’t. Duen comes in and find her before she can open it. After opening it to find old pictures of her father Duen throws it away. Tad is sad but picks up the picture of her father and looks at them.

lol! I said brief look where I went!


2 thoughts on “Taddao Bussaya EP 6 Summary

  1. shadow says:

    ah, thanks for the summary.
    lol, my friend doesnt understand what am i reading these stuffs while i could just watch it myself 😀 i would really prefer reading it, i dont like when the villains do their parts, it is really annoying and psycho some times. so if im reading it, i dont have to see any of those stuffs 😀

  2. fun says:

    Thank you. You’re awesome!

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