Taddao Bussaya!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been in love with a lakorn and the one that has captured my attention is Taddao Bussaya! It’s a weekend lakorn which means we get to see 3 episodes a week!! How awesome is that! It’s only been a week now so there are only 5 episodes out right now. This lakorn stars Por and Punch!I’m very lazy right now so my summary is going to be very short.

Taddao (Punch) is a young girl who lives with her gambling addict mother when she finds out that her father has died in an accident she is determined to go to the house and gain the inheritance as her father had promised her. Her fathers death was not an accident, her step mother who is a greedy woman called her ex-lover to kill him and her so that she would gain the Bussaya inheritance. Taddao was lucky and got away from her killer, this made her even more determine to go to the house. On her journey she disguised herself as a boy and meets Jao (Por) who she knows through bumping into and being sold by her mother to his father. In disguising herself as SudTad she starts to work for him in order to enter the Bussaya house.

So far the lakorn is great! Por and Punch looks great together!! Love the height difference!! Like Lyn said its like characters from a manga or anime! There is more to come as this is just the beginning of the lakorn!


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