Taddao Bussaya EP 7 summary

I worked early this morning so I didn’t have a chance to watch it until now. I’m super tired but want to write a summary for those who want to know what happened today.

Still looking at her fathers picture she found she is interrupted by Jao who suddenly appears and walks over to her. To hide the picture she tells him that her hands are dirty and puts it in his face to have time to hide the picture in her pocket.  He yells at her for having a dirty hand. She then asks him how his day was and if he apologized to Sang Kum.

He tells her that it went well and sits down to say that he would regret it if she didn’t understand him. She goes on to ask him if he loves her and he answers that he loves her a lot. Other than his mother there is no other women for him expect Sang Kum. Tad is sad to hear this. He then tells her that he wants to marry her but hasn’t proposed yet.  He looks at her to see that she is sad and pats her head to tells her not to worry before he leaves.

Tad walks outside for some air to see the servant girl who gives her candy in a heart shape container. Tad thanks her and is told by the girl that she gave it to her to thank her. Tad thanks her and tells her that she is happy to help her. The girl then goes on to ask her to promise that she won’t meet another servant and any other girls.

Bang and tiang are working at the farm when who comes…….non other than then Duens ex-lover! He has disguised himself to work there. As he talks to Bang he asks about Tiang which makes Bang mad.

Jao takes Tum to Sang Kum to taste her desserts. (It’s funny how they ask her if it’s good when she only ate a tip of it!=)) Well Sang Kum likes it and and wants Kum to make it for her restaurant. As duen interrupts them Tum is not happy.

When they return home Tum runs after Duen. Duen shouts at her for being stupid for trying to get Jao. Tum doesn’t like and replys that Jao only sees her as a sister because he loves Sang Kum. Duen tells her that he will never like her so she should stop with trying to get him through making desserts.

Jaos father goes to the hospital to see jitree after she fainted. He seems to worry but as she was about to wake up he runs to sit down. She asks him why she isn’t at home. He tells her that she over worked her self and sits down. She turns to see the flowers and asks who brought it but he tells her he doesn’t know.

Tom is really trying hard to break up Sang Kum and Jao. She tells her about when she made Jao listen to the music and was about ti kiss Jao, I guess she forgot about Tad interrupting but Sang Kum is clearly not happy.

Tad watches to see Duen leave the house and goes to the house in the back. She goes in to see puen but I don’t think she recognizes him since he has a crazy wig on. She goes closer to him and he gets up to choke her. Jao comes out of no where and helps her and drags her away. He asks her why she went to the house. She tells him that she went to see if there was anything there. He asks her if she knew the person but she tells him she doesn’t and was lucky to have him help her.

At dinner Duen makes gum of Tiem about her coming with Jao to dinner. Jao then asks her about Peun in the house. She tells him that there is nobody there, but he insists and says that he saw him. She is scared. Witton and tiem want to know too, and Tom hating dirty things insist that they go see it too.

At the house when they enter nobody is inside. Duen assures them that there is nobody. AS they all come out Duen knows that it was Tad who saw it. At the house Witton thinks about the person and remembers Puens statement of saying if he disappears it’s because of his sister.

At the farm the Killer is still trying to find Taddao. Why take out your gun to look at? He goes to Tiang and is almost found out when she tells him that he seemed familiar to her. When she talks about Taddao he grabs her and asks her where she is. She tells him that she is at the Bussaya house but before she could finish Bang sees the two and punches him.

Jao and tiem goes to Sang Kums restaurant and from there Tom and Duen plots to make Sang Kum jealous by calling Jao to take Tiem to the hotel to talk to a  partner for her dessert.  Tom takes Sang Kum there and makes it look like Jao and tiem were having an affair. Sang Kum believes it and cries.

Witton goes to see Sang Kum and finds out about Jao and Tiem. When Jao arrives he finds out about Sang Kum knowing they went to a hotel. Jao tries to explain himself but she won’t have it and goes to her room. Jao shouts to explain himself but Witton stops him to go home. Tad sees Jao and follows him to his room with a coffee and asks him what’s wrong. He tells her that he was misunderstood.

She asks him what he means ans he tells her that he was misunderstood. He was wrong but he doesn’t know what he did wrong. He gets angry as she tells him she doesn’t understand and he gets up to yell but she thinks he must be drunk so she covers her mouth. He then gets under his cover and goes to sleep. Thinking at he was asleep she walked over to him and waved her hand in his face. He wakes up and grabbed her hand which surprised her. He tells her to not leave his side and falls asleep. She leaves and cries out side his door saying what would he do when he knows that she is a girl.

Tad meets witton out side and is asked where Jao is. She tells him that he fell asleep but was angry. He tells her that sang kum found he had another girl. Tad is surprised and says that it can’t be true because he loves sang Kum to death.

blah blah blah, Tom and Duen are happy that their plot worked.

Tad is feeding Khun Ying when she anouncces that she will go to Chaing Mai. Tad is surprised and asks why. She tells her that since Taddao didn’t come to see her she will go look for her.

Jitree wakes up to find that the two servants that were sent away had came back.

Tad ask what Jao will do. He say he doesn’t know. She tells him to apologize but he shouts at her that he didn’t do anything wrong.Both Jao and witton goes to Sang Kums restaurant and tries to take to her, but she won’t have it. And who else can make it worst…Tom, appears out of nowhere. Doesn’t she go to school or something?

The killer somehow had gotten in to the Bussaya house and waited for Duen. He tells her that Taddao had come to the Bussaya house but she tells him that she hasn’t arrived yet. She tells him that when she does she will get rid of her. Tad walks to the door and sees the dude. She recognizes him and being a kind of air head closed the door loudly, the two hear it and look towards the door as she covers her mouth.

Man I can’t wait for next weeks episodes!! Many writing summaries take so long.


3 thoughts on “Taddao Bussaya EP 7 summary

  1. xingtze says:

    Thanks alot for the summary. Really help out for me since I don’t understand Thai at all. Im so into this drama and I luv luv por from this drama…lol

    • iluvjin says:

      No problem! Even though my Thai isn’t that great I’m glad that you guys are happy with my summaries! I will work harder for future summaries!

  2. fun says:

    I understand Thai a little too… but it is nice to read summaries. I can’t even do episode summary lol… it’s time consuming. Thank you.

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