Taddao Bussaya EP 8 Summary

Man this episode just came out but Wishy already has the first part up!!

I’m going to start my summary after this part.

Jao Noi is still waiting for SangKum. Both him and Witton are frustrated. Jao Noi complains that he is in trouble because of a misunderstanding since he hasn’t done anything wrong. Witton tells him that he will go get Sangkum for him and goes up stairs. Sangkum is still crying and tells him to take Jao Noi and leave.  SangKum goes down stairs and waits in front of Jao Noi. Witton tells Jao to talk and leaves to sit outside.

Jao tries to calm her down but she won’t understand him as he tells her that he didn’t do anything wrong. He then tells her to tell him who it was that told her where he was and what he was doing. She yells at him that she won’t help him find the person who helped her find out about him. She asks him if she didn’t find out would he had told her what he was doing. He asks her what she wants to know. She tells him that he should tell her about Tiem. He tells her that she has nothing to do with the situation and witton over hears. She tells him that Tiem is also a women so why wouldn’t it be possible for him to like her. He tells her that tiem is like a sister to him and nothing else but SangKum won’t have yet and tells him to leave.

It rains and Jao waits outside but finally leaves. Witton arrives home to find Tiem waiting for Taem. She says that it isn’t like him to stay out late.

Tad tired waits for Jao and sees him come around the corner. She asks wheres he been but he doesn’t respond and walks by. She then asks him why he wet still he doesn’t answer. As he reaches the door he faints and Tad runs over to him. She brings him to his room and is about to take his socks of but he wakes up and tells her no. (I wonder why she always takes his socks off first?) She asks if Sangkum forgave him. She tells him to go every day until she does. He tells her to forget it and let it be but she tells him that he will be sorry. She goes over to him and reaches for his shirt but is pushed away. SHe asks if he will go to sleep with wet clothes and he tells her yes. She tells him that he will die if he does that and he shouts to say that it doesn’t matter.

She tells him that she will do it and reaches for his shirt only to be pushed away to the ground by him. She turns around angry and shouts at him that he can do what ever he wants and not to bother her anymore since he doesn’t want any help. He looks at her concern but she won’t have it and leaves. She exits the door angry and sits on the steps. Jao Noi stands up and starts to wonder around to call out to Tad. She doesn’t answer leading him to open the door and shout down the stairs for her to get him coffee. Tad is mad. Jao waits in his room and lowers his head as Tad comes in the room with the coffee. As she is about to leave he asks her if he did everything wrong.  She asks him if SangKum didn’t believe him. He tells her no and doesn’t know what to do. She tells him that love can overcome anything. But he tells her that love doesn’t make you understand. He says that even if he loves to death nothing can change the misunderstanding.

She tells him that one day Sangkum will return to him. But he has to be patient and be willing to try to get her back.

Jitree is cleaning when Jao Patana comes home drunk and with two drunk girls. One girl tells the other that the house is beautiful like she had said. The other one tells him that she wants to see his room. The go in to the house and start to dance. Jao isn’t happy but as soon as Jitree enters he acts excited.

Taem is leaving and Tiem tries to ask him where he is headed he won’t tell. Tiem tells him not to do anything stupid for his dad but he tells her that his father is already dead. Tad knows whats up and follows him. He tells her not to bother him and go watch his grandmother. Tad tells him no and grabs hi bag as he walks away. As the two fight for the backpack drug fall out of his bag. She picks it up and tells him that he said he wasn’t going to do anything stupid but then why have the drugs. She shouts at him for being stupid but he won’t have it and punches her! Damn he just punched a girl and it’s his sister!

Tad grabs a water bottle to put him her cheek when she sees that the time is 11 and runs up to his room. She asks if he was going to see Sangkum. She checks him and finds out that he has a fever and starts to take care of him. She tells him that he has to get better. He then calls out to sangkum which makes her try to call sangkum but is held back by him. He tells her not to leave thinking that it is SangKum.She kneels down and tells him that it’s her. He pulls he hand and kisses it saying that he loves her. Tad is heartborken by those words as he starts to fall asleep.

Witton arrives and asks Tad where Jao is. She tells him that he is sick and asks him to call a doctor. After the doctor leaves Witton tells her not to worry to much since Jao isn’t an ordinary man. She asks why Sangkum won’t forgive him and asks Witton who the girl was. He tells her that it was Tiem which Tad doesn’t believe.

Duen talks to her ex-lover/Killer and asks him how he let Peung get away. As the two talk Tom walks in. Duen asks her why she is there. She tells her that she wants to talk to her. Her Ex-lover know that Tom is his daughter but is only looked down as he tries to get close to her.

Duen and Tom goes to Jao Nois room and tries to take care of him but they have no idea on how to treat a sick person. As Tad enters she tells them that then can’t stay there only she can take care of him. Duen yells at her and tells her to leave. As she waits downstairs Duen tells her to let tom take car of Jao Noi only.

Tiem not knowing the situation goes to Sangkums restaurant and sells her candy. Witton arrives and tells her to leave.

Jao Patana again dancing with the girls he isn’t interested but as soon as Jitree comes in he would look happy. Tad tries to help Jao Noi but he won’t have it. She gets mad and leaves to sit down stairs. As soon as she hears noises from up stairs she runs up. He isn’t in his bed room so she runs to his bathroom to find him on the ground with only a towel to cover himself. He tells her he can’t get up and need her to help him. As she slowly moves over to him he grabbs her hand and stands up. His towel falls along the way which frightens Tad. Her face is priceless. He is all over her and asks her to lead him to the closet for his clothes. She is the first to leave but he tells her not too. He thanks her for all her help. He tells her that he only has her to rely on. She then tells him that he still has Sangkum.

Tad goes to see SangKum and tells her that Jao Noi is sick, she reply that she knows. Tad then asks her why she doesn’t go see him. After not winning her over Tad leaves. When she reaches home Jao Noi asks her where she went but before she can answer Jao recives a call from SangKum. They are both happy! Jao then asks if it was her. He tells her that she is very womenly to be able to get Sangkum to call him. She tells him that she is 100% male. He tells he really and tries to grab her you know what but she stops him before he can.

Tom goes to SangKum resturant and asks where she is. No one knows where but a house. Tom gets the idea that she is going to see Jao Noi and calls her mother who takes Tiem to the house. She leaves to two together when SangKum arrives. Inside Tiem accidently bumps into Jao Noi and makes his shirt wet as Tad and Sangkum arrive to see her wipe his shirt. SangKum isn’t happy and slaps him. Tad follows her but isn’t able to stop her. Witton follows her and sees her almost get in a accident. Tad arrives back in the room and tells him that she couldn’t stop her. They them tell tiem the situation and asks her for help.

Witton and SangKum talk and she tells him what happened.


Jao Noi decides to go back and Tad chases after him. Crazy Pueng is found by the killer and is hit by a car. (TO me it looked like Teams car) Tad almost drowns and his given CPR by Jao Noi!! =) Can’t wait for that scene!

Gosh it took me almost two hours!!


One thought on “Taddao Bussaya EP 8 Summary

  1. xingtze says:

    me again…just wanna say thanks for summarizing the story for us. 2 hours is long. I really appreciate it. Can’t wait for your summary for epi 9 (if you are writing). Can’t watch live wit maxnettv…hv no idea wats the problem. Anyway, thanks again…MUACKS!!!

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