Taddao Bussaya EP 9 Summary

Jao Noi is down after SangKum running away. Tad tells him to tell Sangkum that him and Tiem have nothing together but he tells her that he already did and she didn’t believe him. She tells him that its not over and that she will get them back together because love can over come and he repeats everything. He tells her not to speak nonsense. She tells him to see what is true and not true.

Blah, blah, blah Tom and Duen are happy with the results. These two are crazy.

Witton brings SangKum back to her house/restaurant to finds Tiem and Tad there. SangKum isn’t happy and tells them she has nothing to say. She tells her that Jao had already told her what happened. Tad then says that its true he told her everything but she hasn’t heard Tiem’s side of the story. Tiem and SangKum talk. SangKum doesn’t want to listen but Tiem tells her that it’s a misunderstanding because She only sees him a a brother and nothing else. SangKum finally understands. The two return home to a worried Jao Noi. As soon as tiem gives him a basket with a note he is happy. When he reads the letter after he isn’t though.

Duen and Tom are bring stupid and are trying to win Jao Noi over with food and flowers but are stopped by Tiem who confronts the two. Duen tells her it’s her fault for being stupid. Tiem then asks her she most have know about everything then. Duen denyes it but Tiem continues to say that it must be true because it was her who took her to Jao Nois room when SangKum came and it was her who told them about the client at the hotel. And it was also Tom who told Sangkum that they were together. she goes on to say that she doesn’t like the way they do things and that Jao Noi and SangKum are already on good terms again which make the two angry.

Team is out with hie friends when his friend offers him drugs although he doesn’t take it the cops come in and arrests them. Tad is with Khun Ying when they recieve the call that Taem was arrested. As taem is released Tad runs up to him to see if he is okay but he walks away from her. As he goes through the door he finds his grandmother waiting there. The ride is uncomfortable and they all know it. As Taem waits for his grandmother to scold him she calls out to him to bring her to her room. He is happy and takes her inside where he apologizes to her. She tells him that the cops told her his friend had drugs on him and asked him what was going on. He tells her that he did drugs but he hasn’t been doing it lately. She is sad to hear the news but the tells him that she was wrong to have pushed him away to make him rely on drugs. The two reconcile making Tad happy.

Tad notices that Jao Noi has a bag with him when he enters the room and asks him where he is going. He tells her he is going back to the farm. She tells him he shouldn’t because SangKum already forgave him. He asks he if she is done speaking and she tells him she is. He tells her that he is returning so that he doesn’t have to worry so much. He tells her that if he waits now how long will it be before everything is back to normal. As he gets ready to leave Tiem give him deserts for the trip back. He thanks her and tells her he will miss her deserts when he is gone. She asks him how long he will be gone and he tells her he doesn’t know. Before he leaves he pats Tad on the head and tells her to be good. As tad watchs him drive away Tiem asks her that if she wanted to go with him why didn’t she ask him. She tells her that she can’t leave she has to stay there. But tiem reassures her that it’s okay if she goes with Jao. She then thanks her and runs after Jao. Jao finally sees her and stops the car. He asks her if he forgot something but she tells him that she wants to go back with him. He tells her that she has to stay at the house to watch Khun Ying but she tells him that Taem is watching her and staggers to get in the car. Jao is only happy to see Tad go back with him.

Back at Jao Patanas house he asks his servant to look for his ring which went missing. They can’t seem to find it and is yelled at by him. As Jitree arrives he asks her if she has seen it. She thinks about it and laughs which make him angery. She tells him that when he was drunk he gave it away to one of the girls. This makes him angry and the two argue. He then tells her to leave.

As Tieng and Banf walk home they see Jao drive in. They both greet him and Tad comes out to call Tieng who is more than happy to see her. They hug which makes Bang jealous. Tieng then takes Tad to the house and asks her about the Bussaya house and if she found Peun. She tells her that she did but she didn’t get to talk to him. She then tells her that it was her stepmother Duen who plotted to kill her. Tieng tells her to not return but she tells her she has to because she is worried about her grandmother.

At the Bussaya house the servant girl awn is frantically trying to set the table as Duen and Tom come to eat. Duen yells at her that she is late at setting the table. Tom then yells at her to get Tad to help her. Duen then yells at her to go get her but she tells her that Tad is not there. Before she can answer Tiem comes in and tells them that she has left with Jao Noi. She tells them that even without Tad they can still do the housework because before they didn’t have her they were fine. Tom screams saying that he didn’t say good bye to her but her mother assures her. Tiem then tells her that even without SangKum Jao Noi would never love her.

Tad and tieng talk about her being at the Bussaya house and tells her that no one noticed that she was a girl. And that she was alway with Jao Noi which concerns Tieng. But she tells her that he treated her like a guy by hitting her and such. She then switches the subject saying that Jao Noi didn’t have his coffee yet and runs out the door.

Crazy Puen comes out and eats food only to be found by the killer. Somehow he was strong enough to get away but is hit by a car The killer thinks that he is dead and runs off (and as predicted it is Taem) He doesn’t reconise puen at first but after he calls Witton to the hospital Witton notices that it is Puen and tells him not to tell anyone that Puen is there.

Jao Noi is still sad over the note by SangKum saying that she needs time and will come look for him after because she will always love him forever. Tad comes to give him coffee and tells him to go meet SangKum but he tells her no. He tells her to stop getting into his business but she tells him that she can’t leave him and will do what ever he wants.

Jao takes tad to a stream and wants to go for a swim. Tad stops him from stripping completely which he does and goes in. He tells her to get in too but she tells him that she can’t swim which makes him mad because she told him that where he goes she will follow and do what ever he asks. As he swims away he doesn’t noticed that she got into the water and struggled to follow him. As he reaches the other side he shouts for her to follow him because it’s beautiful but turns around to not see him and thinks that she had run away. As is sits he notices her floating in the stream and swims over to her. After bring her out of the water is struggles on what to do and finally gives in to give her CPR. But right before he reaches her mouth she spits out the water in his face and wakes up. After she is able to speak he yells at her saying what would happen if he didn’t see her in time and helped her. He asks he why she did it and she reply’s that she wanted to keep her promise to him. Seeing that she was wet he tells her to take of her shirt but she refuses which makes him grab her shirt but she stops him. He tells her to not be shy but she tells him she isn’t she just doesn’t like it. He then says that she must have a secret or something but she tells him she doesn’t which invokes him to grab her shirt and rip it open. She pushes him away and runs and he follows her. As the two run off he leaves his phone behind which SangKum is calling. She tells Witton tha she can’t reach him but says that he can’t help her. As no one came to work Witton helps her with the guest.

Jao is still chasing Tad as the reach the house which Tieng and Bang are at. Tieng sees them and blocks Jao from Tad. Jao tells them that Tad has a secret and wants to see it but Tieng tells him to stop and drags Tad to get away.

Back at SangKums restuarant Witton helps SangKum as they both cook and clean.

As tad comes to eat with Tieng she can sense that Tieng is mad. Tieng tells her that she must like Jao Noi but she brushes saying that it’s impossible plus he has SangKum.She then tells her that they can’t be anything more than servant and boss.

As Jao comes to eat in his house he asks Bang where Tad is. Bang then tells him to be careful because people will get the wrong idea of them. He asks in which way and Bang yells at him that they will think that the two are gay.

Duen enters her room and sees her ex-lover sitting on her sofa. As the two are about to getr chummy Tom knocks on the door. When she lets Tom in tom tells her about Taem getting arrested. Taem and his grandmother are getting along get. As he walks up the stairs Tom and duen stops him and yell at him about getting arrested. Taem doesn’t like that the two are yelling at him and talking about the house saying it belong to them. He then yells back saying that only Taddao has the right to the house because she is the oldest in the family. Duen shouts and says that she will never show her face in the house.

Tad goes to see Jao but he doesn’t like the idea of her being there. He tells her to go to the Bussaya House which she answer is he trying to get rid of her. She then asks him who is going to take care of him after she is gone, and he answers Bang will but she tells him that he will miss the coffee. Bang then comes in to tell Jao about a job. As Tad follows Bang grabbs her and stops her.

SangKum and Witton are having a hard time keeping up with the work she he tells her he will get help for her which turns out to be Tiem. As they work together Tiem notices that Witton likes SangKum.

Again Jao Pattana comes home drunk to find out that Jitree didn’t come home. He is worried. Jitree on the other hand cries and says she misses Taddao.

Taddao on the other hand misses Jao! She can’t sleep and sneaks out to go see him. Tieng is not asleep and notices her leave. Tad brings coffee to Jao and they talk. He asks her is she likes him thats why she wants to be with him but she bushes it away saying she doesn’t.She falls asleep and is woken up by Jao who tells her the the cow has given birth. She runs to see the calf and is happy. As they walk back he asks her what her real reason for working at the bussaya house is. She tells him there is no reason. As she arrives back at her house she sees tieng waiting for her. She is mad. Tad tries to reason with her that there is nothing going on with the two but Tieng tells her that she has to understand that she is Taddao the girl that he hates the most. She tells her that she doesn’t want her to have a broken heart.

Witton and Taem check up on Puen at the hospital and think about what happened to him. Witton thinks back to when Jao told them of a crazy person in the back house which makes him think that Duen was apart of it. As the two talk about the house Duen comes in and tells them that the house is theirs. Witton then tells her that there is still another person. Din had a daughter with Jitree which makes Duen mad saying they have no right.

Tad is about to feed the new calf when she finds that he is missing. She meets Bang and he tells her that Jao had it killed. Mad she runs to jao and pushes him making him yell at for being crazy. She yells at him saying that he is an evil person which makes him confuse. She then tells him that she won’t follow him anymore since he is that mean and runs off.

As she sits crying she sees the calf which she seems ti have named Julia. She hugs it and sees that Jao Noi was the one who brought it over. She apologizes and tells him that she was wrong. She thanks him and hugs him which he starts to feel weird and pushes her away saying it’s enough. She thanks him again and runs off to see the calf again. As he thinks about the hug he feels weird about Tad’s hugs and calls Bang to see him. He starts to think that he has feelings for tad and as Bang arrives he turns around and looks at him angerly which scares Bang who thinks that he’s going to hit him. As Jao moves in he hugs Bang which surprises him. After the hug Jao thanks him saying that now he knows he isn’t gay!. Bang is shocked by the hug and can only fall to sit on the steps. (Bang is too funny!)


Tad asks why Jao is helping her and he tells her to not think to much. Bang sees the two and tells Jao that he is Gay but Gay for Tad. Tieng asks Tad if she likes Jao and she nods her head yes.

I’m done! Hopefully you guys are able to read the whole thing now!! I had fun! And for those who read my summaries thanks so much! If I didn’t have any readers I would’ve quit with the summaries! I’ll work harder from now on and follow Jao Noi and Tad until the end! =) It’s getting better and better and for those who want to know how many episodes there are for this lakorn I believe there will be 20 episode! Since I believe Ritas lakorn will replace on the 25th of this month.


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