Taddao Bussaya Ep 10 Summary

Jao throws a party and the workers sing, drink, eat, and dance together. Jao  watches Tad enjoy the party and Bang notices and goes to talk to him. After the song is over he gives a speech on thanking the workers for their hard work. As they drink Tieng takes Tads drink away thinking she might get drunk. They have a ball and after Tad takes a drunk Jao Noi to his room. She tells him that he is in his room but he still wants to go to the party and leans towards the door but Tad pulls him resulting in him landing right on top of her. She tells him to get off but he asks her if she really is a guy. She tells him that she is and tries to push him off. He then looks at her and say “then why is it” but doesn’t finish his sentence and grabbed hold of her face and leaned down for a kiss. After he kisses her she pushed him away and ran off to leave Jao thinking about what he did.

After she runs back to her room she tells herself that he didn’t mean too he was drunk. She complains that he is crazy and always does it when he is drunk and notices Tieng come out of the bathroom. She asks her where she went and she lies. Tad then asks her when she got back. Tieng tells her that she was getting drunk from the wine and came back.

Jao Noi is confused. He asks himself if he’s crazy or really does like guys. He cries to himself confused. Tad on the other hand can’t sleep and still keep telling herself that Jao was drunk thats why he kissed her.

Jao Pattana is not happy to hear that Jitree never returned. Jitree has left the house and has asked a lady for help.

Tieng and Tad goes to clean Jao Noi’s house to find him already up and sitting in the living room. He turns to see the two and calls Tad but she tells tieng that she has to leave. tieng tells her that Jao called her but she tells her that she didn’t hear anything. Jao then shouts her name again but she leaves. Jao asks tieng where she is going and tieng tells her that tad had to leave to work. She then asks him what he wants but he tells her nothing. On the field after seeing Jao’s car arrive she runs to hide. After a minute she checks to see where Jao is but doesn’t see him and turns back to see see him looking at her. She falls back and he asks her what she is doing hiding away. She tells him is isn’t but he tells her that if she isn’t then why didn’t she make coffee for him. She tries to leave but he grabs her collar and tells her he did wrong which makes her mad. She tries to leave again but he grabs her collar and asks her what he did wrong. She doesn’t tell him and tries to leave but he grabs her collar again which makes her answer that he was really drunk and annoyed her and tells him that she is leaving but he grabs her again and tell her he wants to see her work. As she mixes the food, he yells at her to work faster and to put everything in which she does but spills some. He gets mad and yells at her. The two argue which makes him say he’ll kiss her again. She runs off and he runs after her. She yells at him not to follow her and trips as she turns away. She injures her ankle. She tries to walk but she can’t which makes him want to help her but he seems distance not wanting to touch her.

He tells her to get on his back but like a child she shouts No. He then tells her that if she doesn’t want his help then fine but before he leaves he scares her by telling her that there are animals around them. Scared she calls him to help her. He comes back and she tells him to help her. He leans over for her to get on his back but she hesitates which makes him impatient. He tells her to hurry and she does by getting on. As he gets up she leans back making space between the two. ( I thought that they were close to the fields where his car was but they aren’t) As he carries her he tells her to hold him since her leaning back is making it harder for him to carry her. She leans in, she asks him about the kiss. He tells her that he must of been drunk but she tells him that he couldn’t be because he seemed to have remembered. Jao then tells her to not to talk to much and turns to look at her in the face which makes both of them shy. Bang interruts then telling him to go somewhere and asks why he is carrying Tad. He tells him that Tad was injured but Tad know Bang doesn’t like her so she tells Jao to let her down. She tries to walk but she can’t which makes Jao grab her and help her walk. Bang doesn’t like it one bit.

Back in Bangkok SangKum is still being helped by Witton. She takes Witton to a orphange to feed and spend the day with them. Witton serenades the children with songs as Sangkum blow bubbles with the other. Looks like the two are getting closer as Jao Noi is confused in at his farm about liking guys.

Preview: Tad asks Jao that if he doesn’t dare he must like her. SangKum and Witton has come to the farm and it looks like Tad is sad to see the two. It seems that the two have gotten back together but Jao Noi sees his girlfriend and best friend hugging in the forest. What will happen to Jao Noi and SangKum? What about Tad, Will she also return to the Bussaya house?

Todays episode was short. I thought it was weird that there were only a few parts to the episode. It was good though. We got a lot of scenes with Tad and Jao Noi! I can’t believe that he kissed her again.


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