Taddao Bussaya EP 11 Summary

I haven’t watch the whole episode yet and I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it all to day. I’m going to work later today and have class so my time is cut short. Oh well on to the summary.

The killer or Chun? waits in the Bussaya house for Tom. As she comes down the stairs he calls out to her. She doesn’t like it one bit and asks him if heres there to see her mother. He tells her no and tells her that he wanted to give her a gift. He hands a package and she opens it to find a purse. She doesn’t like it and tells him that it is cheap and gives it back to him to leave. Duen comes down to see it and asks him what he was doing. He tells her he just wanted to give his daughter a gift but Duen slaps him and tell him not to bother her daughter.

Back at the farm Tad is making bracelets on Jao’s porch. Jao comes by to see her and asks her what she is doing. She tells him that she is making bracelets. He snatches the two she finish and tells her he wants one. She tells him that it’s for her and Tieng but he refuses to give it back and tries to tie it but then tells her to. She does and who else but Bang to come and witness the two. After she finishes he grabs her hand and tells her he’ll tie one for her too. Bang doesn’t like it but Jao is more than happy comparing the two bracelets after.

As Jao walks to the farm he stops and looks at the bracelet happily before continuing. Bang following him doesn’t like it. As Jao continues his walk he could feel someone following him and looks back. After three times he sees Bang and asks him what he wants. Bang twlla him that he doesn’t like his interaction with Tad and tells him that he is gay with Tad. Jao gets pissed and shouts at Bang saying that he only sees Tad as a brother. And if he thinks of crazy things like that again he’ll kick him. Bang shouts at him and runs away leaving Jao to think about his words.

Tad looks at her bracelet lovingly and Tieng asks her about the Bussaya house to see if she was going back. She tells her that she is because she must complete her mission of going to get her inheritance. Tieng then tells her that it doesn’t seem like she will be going back because she always seems to be with Jao. Tieng then asks her if she likes Jao. She can’t deny it and makes tieng upset. She tells her that she is Taddao and can’t forget that. Jao doesn’t like her for being the girl that her father was going to marry which makes Tad sad. That night the two think over their relationship.

The next day as Jao comes out of his room to see Tad making coffee for him. He is still thinking hard about Bangs words and try to ignore Tad. Tad who was smiling slowly walks over to him and hands him the coffee. He tells her he won’t drink it which surprises her. She then goes on to talk about his habit saying that he can’t live without his coffee which makes him mad and ask her if she is done talking.  He tells her to leave. She asks him if he is okay and checks his forehead which makes him shout and push her away. She is stunned. He tells her that she has things to do so he leaves leaning to the side so as not to touch her.

As Jao checks the grapes Tad arrives and tells him that she is sorry and tells him that she wants to help him. HE tells her no need and that he is done and walks away. She then asks him if there is anything else she can help him with. He turns around to say no and tells her that he is wasting time asking her and tells her to go where ever she wants. She asks him whats wrong with him but he tells her that he is being himself. And that it’s her fault for the things that happened to him which makes her sad and leave.

Tad cries and talks to Julia saying that Jao is crazy. She tells her that she hasn’t done anything wrong but he keeps on trying to get rid of her. She then says that it’s better to go back to the Bussaya house then be there. Jao arrives and asks her why she is there. She shouts at him asking why he’s looking fir her when he keeps on telling her to leave. He tells her that she should be working and not doing anything she wants. He tells her that he’s bored of taking care of her and tells her to go where she wants. She asks him if that means that he wants her to leave. He tells her Yes and to return to the Bussaya house. HE tells her he doesn’t want her there and asks if she understand. She cries and tells him that she does. She tell him that she won’t be there anymore and thanks him for bringing her there. She leaves but stops to look back at him and goes to her room to pack her bag.

Tieng comes in to see her packing and asks her where she is going. She tells her that she will go to the Bussaya house because Jao told her to leave. She cries saying that he doesn’t want to see her and want her there. Tieng then tells her that she will go with her and Tad agrees saying that she won’t come back ever again. Bang runs to Jao and tells him that since he told Tad to leave Tieng is also leaving. He tells him that it’s good. But Bang tells him how is it good when Tieng is leaving him. He tells him that Tieng is the only one for him and that he will miss her and think of her, and asks him if that’s how he feels with SangKum. He brushes and tells Bang to stop thinking about it. Bang insists and tells him that he’ll think of him as evil for life and runs off crying. Jao goes on a walk and remembers what Tad told him at the stream saying she will be with him because she promised. He thinks of there time together. Tieng and Tad get on the bus and Tieng asks about the Bussaya house. Tieng can see that she misses the farm and Jao. Looking at her bracelet she thinks back to when Jao told her that she is the only one that he has left and not to leave. As they continue on their ride a car comes out and starts to honk at the bus. Tieng and Tad notices right away that it is Jao’s car and are surprised. After stopping the bus Jao gets out of his car and shouts for the bus driver to open the door. As soon as he gets on he jumps up and goes to Tad to grab her. She asks him what he is doing but he tells her to get off. She shouts and say that he told her to leave so why is he there. He doesn’t answer and  grabs her telling her to get off. At his car he opens the door and tries to force her in the car but she refuses and closes the door.

She asks him why he doing that since he told her to leave. HE tells her that she can’t leave now and she asks him why. He has not answer and looks to his side to see Tieng waiting for his answer. (Love this moment! Tieng was like Well whats your answer?) He gives the lame excuse saying what about Julia the calf. Who will take care of her. Tad say that anyone can and tries to leave but he hold her back which makes Tieng asks him why he told her to leave and questions him. HE tells her no to speak to much and asks Tad if he will go back with him or not. (He looks so cute here! Like a child!! Can’t believe that he’s 32!) She looks at him for a while and asks him if she will. She tells him that he has to promise not to tell her to leave again if he wants her back and he promises. He tells her to get in and grabs her to put her in the car.

At the farm Bang isn’t happy that Jao brought Tad back too. But Jao isn’t happy with Bang. Bang goes on to tell him that he needs to marry SangKum to make sure that he isn’t gay which pisses Jao off. Bang goes to talk to Tieng about Tad and they two argue. Tieng tells him that Tad is a good person which makes him mad and storm off. Jao talks to Tad and tells him that they can’t be near each other due to Bang.She asks him about his coffee and he tells her he won’t need it. The next day Jao sees her and she stops him. He tells her that he told her not to talk to him which makes her mad because she just wanted to tell him that his pants was unzip! lol!! How embarrassing Jao!

As Jao continue to work he see tad and isn’t happy. At the end of the day Bang has forgotten to pick him up and Tad offers him a ride on her bike. HE refuse but then accepts. But on the way back she doesn’t have enough enegry and the two switch. Bang runs out to drive to see Jao and Tad arrive together. He shouts at Bang for forgetting to pick him and goes min. Bang stops Tad and shouts at him too the two argue before he goes in to hear Jao call for him. As soon as he arrives Jao chases him around. Not seeing what happened they go back in to the room to find pictures of sexy girls all over his room. Jao isn’t happy with this and chases Bang.

Jitree is still trying to sell her products but has no luck. Jao Pattana on the other hand is stalking her. She doesn’t notice him but he makes sure that she sees him. He makes it like they met by chance but Jitree isn’t liking it. He offers to buy her products but she turns him down. He tells her not to do this kind of work but she tells him she doesn’t care because she had already sold her daughter for money so it’s nothing.

While Jao is taking a bath Tad secrectly brings him coffee and rights a note saying “Tasty coffee for you!” As she gets ready to leave she turns to find Jao behind her. He is pissed with the idea that she has enter his home. He asks her what the rules were that he said and she repeats it for him. But she stops and say that there are to many to remember. He shouts at her that he told her to not enter his home but she still came. She asks him why he has set those rules for her and taunts him saying that maybe he is afraid. She continues saying that maybe what Bang told her was true which makes him uneasy. He asks her what Bang told her afraid of her knowing that he likes her. Tad tells him that Bang told her they were to close that that he might forget himself and like her. She laughs at the idea but we all know she wants him to like her. He turns away saying that she’s crazy mad that she might find out. She taunts him again and tells him that if it wasn’t true then he should look at her. He turns around and shakes her saying that he doesn’t like her but that leads him to look at her face and gets mesmerized.  Jao can’t hold himself back and goes in for a kiss but she pushes him away and runs off. Jao can only think about what he was about to do.

It’s SangKum’s birthday and is waiting for Jao to call her but like every other year he has forgotten. As SangKum sits in her room she is suprised to hear and see Witton outside her house singing to her. She is more than happy and goes outside to meet him. He has a birthday cake and everything which makes her surprised. This leads the two to kiss but is interrupted by a call from Jao. She picks it up and is wished a happy birthday from him. She isn’t that happy. We all know her heart has shifted to Witton since Jao was never there for her. Tad is listening outside of Jao’s room and over hears the conversation. Tad is sadden by the fact that Jao still has SangKum and might never look at her as a women. She cries to herself saying that Jao has SangKum and she shouldn’t forget that.

At the Bussaya house Duen and Tom yell at the servants for not keeping the house clean. Tiem comes in and tells the two that they should clean their rooms to lighten the working load on the servants since there are only three people working. They blame her for letting Tad go but she says that even with her they would still have the same out come.

Jao goes to the field to fetch Tad but she isn’t having it. As soon as he comes towards her she walks away. He shouts at her to stop but she retorts saying he told her to stay away so why is he looking for her. He is taken back because it is true but he asks her for her help.

SangKum decides to go to see Jao and remembers Witton when seeing the guitar in her restaurant. As she grabs the Guitar Witton enters and the two look at each other awkwardly. She tells him that she is going to back to where she used to be but Witton tells her that he will follow her.

Tad starts a painting for Jao and tells him to finish it but he tells her that it looks weird. She doesn’t like the hear of that. He continues to tell her he should just buy her something rather than give her a painting. Tad tells her that since its for someone he loves he should give her something that he made. He continues to complain about her painting and she paints his face which makes him push her head into the painting. She complains that it was still wet and could’ve gotten on her hair. She paints his face again and runs off. Jao isn’t happy and chases her. He calls her back but she shouts saying that she isn’t stupid. He finally catches her and pulls her to the ground. There he tries to paint her face but Tad tries to hold him off and tells him to let her go. After looking at her face he stops trying to paint her face and looks at her mesmerized. As the two continue to look at each other SangKum and Witton arrives to witness them together. SangKum is some what taken back. Standing Jao welcomes the two and takes off Tad’s bandanna to wipe the paint off his face. Tad and Witton can only look on as the two hug.

Sorry I didn’t finish it the other night. I got busy and wanted to finish 12 first and then got side tracked.


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