Taddao Bussaya EP12 Summary

Jao is so jealous of Witton and Tads interactions! I’m glad that the two are having fun and not mopping around sad by the decisions of Jao and SangKum. But I can’t believe that Jao is hiding behind his feelings. He is forcing himself to much. If you love someone don’t let anyone stop you. Plus you’ll be surprised when you find out who Tad really is. The Hug was a great moment in the episode.

Jao brings Sangkum in to his house and is quite happy. As soon as they are all in the living room SangKum turns to Tad and asks her if Jao has done anything bad while she wasn’t there. Tad is suprised as she looks at Jao and shake her head that he hasn’t done anything with her. Jao then asks her why she is asking such a question since he hasn’t done anything with Tad. She laughs and say that she wasn’t just asking about the two but what has been happening to him on the farm. Tad and witton can only look on as Jao takes SangKum to her room. After bringing Witton to his room Tad sees Witton looking at the door of SangKum’s room. She asks him why he came with SangKum and he answers that he didn’t want her to drive all alone. Tad goes on to say that he must worry alot about SangKum and care for her. He tells her that SangKum only has Jao in her heart and him her.

Back at Bussaya house Tom is being a B throwing magazines on the floor for Tiem to pick up. Duen enters with Churn or the Killer dressed up. Tom doesn’t like the idea of him being in the house. Tiem knows who he is and doesn’t like it. Duen excuses the two and goes into the office where Duen gives Churn money. He then tires to kiss her but tom enters to see the two. She isn’t happy. As Churn leaves she shouts at her mother for doing such things. Duen tells her that she’s doing everything for her but Tom doesn’t believe her and leaves her crying.

Jitree has difficult in finding money to pay at the restaurant she eats at but finds out that it has already been paid. She turns to see Jao Pattana sitting behind her. She doesn’t like it and gives him the money that she has. The two argue. She doesn’t like the idea of him following her around.

As the three eat at the farm Sangkum notices the bracelet on Tads wrist an say that it is cute. Jao noticing tries to hide his bracelet but witton has seen it and compliments on it. Jao argues ans say that if they so much to say about it he won’t wear and takes it off in front of Tad. She tells them that is isn’t a big deal but you can see that she cares. Later that night Jao asks SangKum to marry him and she accepts but you can see that the two actually don’t want to. As he brings her to her room and hug she sees Witton and pulls away to go to her room. Witton sits outside thinking about SangKum and Jao. Jao comes to see him to tell him that they are getting married which surprises him but he brushes it away and congratulates him. After Jao leaves he sits back down frustrated.

Looking up at the stars Tad is interrupted by Jao who comes sits down next to her happily. She asks him why is he is there and he tells her that he is very happy. He asks her why he is happy and she replys that it must have to do something with SangKum. He tells her that he is going to marry SangKum which breaks Tads heart. She starts to tear up as he talks about it and tells her that she is like a brother to him. he grabs her shoulder and tells her that she should wish him good luck and she goes in to hug him. She tells him that she wifes they will be happy and wipes her tears. She pulls back but he pulls her in for another hug which makes her cry even harder. Jao doesn’t want to let her go but as soon as Tad comes to her sense she pushes him away and runs off to leave Jao thinking about what has just transpired.

Back in Bangkok Taem goes to visit Peun. There Puen recognizes him but is still having withdrawal systems from the drugs and goes crazy again. Back at the farm Jao introduces Sangkum to the workers and Bang tries to make Tad uncomfotable. He goes on to call her a toot as Witton comes and hear him. He asks whats going on and accidently calls Tad a Toot before he excuses himself away. Jao and SangKum decides to return and asks Witton if he wants to go but he tells them he wants to talk to Tad. The two leave Tad and Witton behind to go back to the house.

As Bang brings out the coffee to Jao and complains to say that it isn’t good. Bang decides to taste it and spits it out. Jao shouts at him and tells him to go get Tad to make coffee for him. Bang runs off to find Tad. Mean while Tad and Witton talk about their relationships. She asks him about him and Sangkum and he tells her that he really can’t do anything but he really cares for her and wants to know how she is doing and such. Tad goes to tell him that she understand how he feels.   Bang comes in breathless and tells her to make coffee for Jao but she tells she will but he tells her to go now. Bang insults her and she goes. Back at the house Jao looks up to see Bang and is disapointed. Bang tells him that Tad made it and he just brought it over. He goes on to tell him that he should care more for SangKum but Jao tells him no need. SangKum enters as he is about to drink the coffee and offers him the one she made. He can do nothing and tastes it. He tells her it’s good you we all know he’s lying. Plus Bang took Tads coffee away too He is piss.

While at the fields Tad and Witton are having a great time playing with a boomerang. Jao comes to witness Witton fall on top of Tad and is not happy. He rushes over as Witton helps Tad up an pushes them apart. Witton doesn’t understand Jaos actions and follows him to ask him. He tells him that they were just playing together for fun why did he have to be so mean to Tad. He apoligizes.

Back in Bangkok her grandmother remembers when her father told her about Taddao being her grand daughter. She feels sad when she didn’t trust her son. Taem comes in to find her and starts to tell her about Peun but is interrupted her his mother who asks him what he is doing. He doesn’t tell her about Puen but instead of looking for Taddao. She is pissed but Taem doesn’t care he got his grandmothers love back. She tells him that the house and everything is hers and nothing can take it away.

SangKum is still thinking about the marriage. I think she is having a hard time choosing between Jao and Witton. Witton sees her and takes her to the stream to talk. Tad tries to tell Jao to go eat but he avoids her and tells her to go back to the Bussaya house with Witton. He’s still jealous of her and witton. She tells him that he promised not to tell her to leave so why is he telling her to go to the bussaya house. He tells her that he isn’t telling her to leave and returns to the house. There he finds SangKum and Witton gone and asks Bang where they are. HE tells him that they went to the stream and he follows. At the stream SangKum and Witton talk and Sangkum tells him she isn’t sure if she wants to marry Jao. He tells her that he can’t do anything because he is Jao’s friend and don’t want to break them apart. SangKum doesn’t know what to do split between the two and cries. As the two hug who comes to see them? It’s Jao and he isn’t happy.

After seeing the Hugs he sits by himself on a hill and Tad comes with a thermostat with coffee. She tells him to drink it but he’s in no mood and tell her to leave him. She starts to pour it and tells him that she will when he drinks it. Handing it to him he pushes it away and tells her to leave him. She picks it up and pours another before she leave but is stopped by Jao who asks her why she isn’t scared of him.  She walks back to him and tells him that he’s a good person even if he is mean to her. He cries saying that she shouldn’t lie to the person she loves.

Witton and SangKum returns to the house and is interrupted by Bang who comes running out. She asks him where Jao is and he tells them that he had gone to the stream to look for the two which shocks them. They know that he might have seen them hugging. Tad asks him whats wrong and he tells her he won’t marry SangKum anymore. She is surprised and asks him why, since they two were on good terms. She asks him if someone told him something to make him misunderstand her but he tells her no one told him anything he understand now and leave Tad to follow him.

Witton waits anxiously for Jao and runs to him when he sees him. Jao isn’t happy to see him. The two talk but Jao doesn’t want to listen. Witton then tells him that he loved SangKum for a long time and could not stop his feelings for her. Tad arrives to see the two. Jao then asks him how SangKum feels and he tells him that he doesn’t know. Tad then runs around them and talks to SangKum about the situation. She tells her that not matter what she must like Jao but SangKum doesn’t know which makes the situation even harder. Tad’s heart is being broken when she see’s her Jao sad.

Tad goes to eat with Bang and Tieng and Bangs taunts her. Tieng doesn’t like it and yells at Bang. Back at Tads House Jao Pattana decides to move in with Jitree. She doesn’t want him to but he does anyways. She didn’t have to open her gate at all but she did and that was like she was welcoming him. She tells him to leave but he refuses and so she makes him compromise. In order to let him stay he must him her all his things/. He doesn’t want to but he likes her enough to follow through. These two are acting like children.

Blah Blah Blah, Duen is trying to win Tom back which she does.

Taem takes his grandmother to visit Puen. He recognise her and is able to tell them that Din was trying to bring Taddao to the house but when they ask about where she is he can’t remember and has a headache.

Duen is dressed up to go out but who else is waiting for her…..Churn is sitting by waiting for her. She takes her to talk and they two argue, Since they are in the house Tiem over hears the two talk as Churn blurts out about the things he did for her to get the Bussaya house. They hear something and alert Tiem who hides as the two leave.

And talk about an awkward dinner! SangKum and Witton are not comfortable at all with Jao knowing what they did.  Bang being stupid doesn’t feel the atmosphere and continue to make it uncomfortable for the two. Tieng can see it and tells him to stop. He tells them to get Tad to make coffee for him but Bang tells him to let SangKum make it. He shuts Bang up and tells witton that he must thank him. They argue and he goes on to ask SangKum which makes them uncomfortable. She runs off as Tad comes in with the coffee and Jao follows her.

He asks her who Witton is to her and she tells him that he’s a person who is always there for her and she feels she doesn’t want to marry him. He should know that he love Tad and no9t SangKum!! Why force yourself Jao!!! He tells her no and that hes sorry. He hugs her to try to make it better but we all now it won’t solve the problem. Witton and Tad are at the side and can only look on.

That night Tad couldn’t sleep and gos to the field to work. Jao who also can’t sleep also goes and work. (Seriouly these two should just get married! They know each other so well, well Tad knows more about Jao but yeah! )Although they are only a few feet away from each other they don’t know of either ones presence until they come out. Jao is the first to see Tad. The two sit and talk and Tad asks him why he can’t sleep since he made up with SangKum. He tells her he doesn’t know. She tells him that he must be sick or else he should be able to sleep and asks him if he is sick. He tells her not to think to much. She asks him what SangKum told him. And he tells her that she didn’t say anything and will be marrying him. She then tells him that it must mean SangKum must like Witton. He looks at her stunned. He tells her that SangKum doesn’t think of Witton anything and loves him and will marry him. She then asks him if he really thinks that SangKum will. He yells at her that SangKum will marry and love him not matter what and that she doesn’t know anything.  She shouts back that she doesn’t know his love is different. Her love is when you understand each other, are happy without misunderstanding. She shouts and say that her Love will never be like his and runs away.

Tad returns to find Tieng awake and waiting for her. She asks her where she went and she reply that she went out. Tieng tells her that she must have met Jao. Tad tries nad tieng tries to comfort her.

Jao Pattana is trying very hard to win Jitree over. But she tells him to do all the work while she is gone. He washs clothes, cleans the dishes and sweeps the floor, but he is old so of course his back will give out. But he did work hard!

SangKum tries to make coffee for Jao and sees Tad. She asks her how to make the coffee for Jao and agrees. Tad tells SangKum that if she really loves him then she doesn’t need Tad to make the coffee. SangKum asks her that she must love Jao. Tad doesn’t deny it and say that she loves Jao and that she’ll do anything to make him happy and asks her to promise her to love him and not make him sorry. SangKum doesn’t answer. Where is Jao when you need him!


Puen comes to his sense and tells Taem that it was his mother. Jao insults Tads mother who seems to be at the house. Tad over hears it and leave. Tieng tells him that she is leaving the farm to a very far away place. Jao doesn’t like the fact that Tad is gone.

Jao: Come home right now! Do you hear me, TAD!!

Jao, if you just stopped insulting people the way you do I’m sure that one day Tad will be willing to stay with you. Can’t believe he considers his home her home too. He has grown so closer to her but just keeps on pushing her away. I’m excited to watch tomorrows episode!! Will Jao go searching for Tad even though he doesn’t know where she went? Will Tad willingly return to Jao. Did Tad’s mother see her? So many questions waiting to be answered!!


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