Taddao Bussaya EP 13 Summary

SO many cute scenes of Jao and Tad!! Finally Jao doesn’t care if it’s a boy or a girl! He just cares that it’s Tad!! Jao is so cheesy!

Jitree comes home to find her dishes broken and Jao Pattana waiting for the clothes to dry. She isn’t happy with what he has done and tells him to redo everything over.

SangKum is still overwhelm with Jao and Witton. Who will she choose? Witton appears and tells her that he will be returning home. She tells him that he is the one guy that understands her whole heartly and hugs him. Who sees this?  None other then Jao. After telling SangKum he was leaving he goes to Tad and asks her if she will return with him to the Bussaya house since he’s going back. She doesn’t answer him so he tells her that since she isn’t going back Duen is going to hire another. She stops him and tells him she wants to work but can’t choose between Jao and her father’s will. He tells her if she wants to then pack. She still doesn’t answer him causing him to turn to leave but she stops him. He tells her to let him go if she isn’t going since he wants to leave as Jao walks in to see her holding his arm. He shouts at them and separates the two. Jao asks them what they are doing and Witton tells him that he’s going back home so he asked Tad if she wanted to go. Jao shouts back that she’s staying with him. Witton tells tad that she can stay with Jao and turns to leave. Tad doesn’t want to lose the chance and pushes Jaos hand away to run to Witton.

Jao is super jealous and shouts for her to let go of Witton. She looks back at Jao but really doesn’t want to lose her chance at the Bussaya house. Witton asks her if she will stay with Jao or go with him again. She doesn’t answer but Witton understands that she wants to go with him. He tells her to pack her bag and puts his arm around her as they walk away. Jao is piss and grabs Witton and punches him. Tad tries to hold him back and Witton gets up and asks him what he thinks of Tad. Jao is piss and tries to punch him again but Bang and Tiengs comes running to help stop him. Witton and Jao look at each other and Witton walks off. A pissed Jao pushes Bang away and walks off. Tiengs asks Tad what happened and she can only look as Bang glares at her.

Tiengs takes her to sit down to talk but is interrupted by Bang. He shouts at her that it’s her fault for the two to fight and tells her to leave. Tad leaves and goes looking to Jao. Back at the house SangKum takes care of Wittons wound. He tells her that Jao seems weird. She asks how and he tells her that he sees Tad in a different way. He tells her to check on him.

Tad finds Jao sitting by himself and apologizes saying she wasn’t going to go with Witton. He tells her to leave and she tells him that it was just a misunderstanding. He shouts at her to leave and says that his life wouldn’t be the same if she wasn’t there. She asks him why he’s saying that and he says that if she wasn’t there he would’ve married SangKum and been happy. She shouts back that he isn’t the only one affected by them knowing each other and says that she doesn’t understand. He stops her and say that his heart doesn’t hurt as much seeing Witton with SangKum when it comes to her. She turns around and says she doesn’t understand what he means. He asks her what she thinks of him which makes her speechless. He then walks over to her and asks her if she loves him. She shakes her head yes. He is speechless and tells her that in this life time he doesn’t want to love a guy but he loves her. She is happy and goes in for a hug but is stopped by by him. Instead he hugs her. As the two hug SangKum who came looking for Jao sees the two. Her face has different emotions but she looks happy for them.

Tad runs happily and hugs Tiengs as she returns. Tieng asks her what happened that made her so happy and she tells her that Jao confessed that he liked her. Tiengs is shocked and asks her if he’s gay and gives all kind of situtaions which make her have a headache.

Jao tells SangKum about the situation and she is more than happy for Jao. She tells him that whether is loves a girl or a guy it is love. Tad is still happy but is interrupted by Bang who comes in saying he’s there to chase her out. Tad though isn’t afraid since she has Jao on her side. As he continues to yell at her SangKum interrupts him and says she want to talk to Tad. SangKum tells her that she is leaving. Tad tells her not to leave and to stay for awhile. She apoligizes but SangKum thanks her saying that without her she and Jao would’ve gotten married without being truly being in love. She tells Tad that she has come out with the truth. Tad asks her what she’s talking about. and she asks her how long she is going to hide being a guy.  She says that she is a guy. SangKum starts to walk towards her and then sticks out her hand to touch her chest which makes her fall back. SangKum laughs at her and says that a guy wouldn’t act that way. She then says that she doesn’t care why she is hiding as a guy but tells her to not lie to Jao.

Jao goes to talk to Witton and lets him know that he can be with SangKum because he has Tad. Witton as Jaos best friends doesn’t want him to be gay. But Jao is happy with his decision. That night the two love birds look at the moon thinking of eachother. The next morning as Tad makes coffee, Witton interrupts her and tells her to not like Jao because it won’t look good for the both of them. SangKum over hears Witton and tells Tad to not listen to Witton. She then takes Witton and tells him not to bother with the two, because they love each other. But Witton doesn’t like it. She then tells him that Tad is a girl which surprises him.

Tad takes Witton’s word to heart and sits by herself in the fields. Jao finds her and asks her whats wrong with her. She tells him that it’ll be better if they don’t stay together. He asks her who told to change her mind, but she tells him that it was her. He tells her that he won’t change his mind. She asks him what he likes about her and he tells her that he like everything about her. She is happy and tells him that she likes everything about him too. He is happy with her words and pats her head. Bang sees the two and shouts for him to stop. He pulls him away and says that he lied to him saying that he wouldn’t like Tad. Jao can see the disappointment in Tad’s face and tells Bang to not speak stupid things. He tells him that if he is to believe some one it’s him. He see’s him as a brother but see’s Tad as his partner. Bang is not happy with this and runs away screaming.

Tad goes to help Witton with his packing. Witton knowing that she is a girl pretends to make a move on her and revels that she really is a girl. Tad is like who told you that! He asks her who she really is but is interrupted by Bang who comes to see Witton holding her. He shouts that she already caught Jao in her trap is she trying to get Witton too. As Bang lunges for Tad Witton blocks him and allows Tad to get away. But it isn’t long before he catches up with her. He tries to punch her but misses and falls flat on the ground. He shouts at her and chokes her only to be stopped by Tieng. They argue and Toengs revels that Tad is a girl. Bang can’t believe it and faints.

Blah, Blah, Blah Churn and Duen fight over the jewelry that she took from their grandmother. (A guy never has a right to hit a girl) Duen gets away and is seen by Tom. She sees Churn come out of the room and shouts at him. Since he doesn’t want Tom to hate him even more he leaves.

Jao Pattana is stealing food at night. Jitree catches him and doesn’t allow him to eat it. The two though get a little but closer. Taem and his grandmother wants Peun to remember what happened to him and takes him back to the house to help him regain his memory. When he sees Din’s picture he goes towards it and tries to take it off but is interrupted by Tiem who comes out of the room next to him. She asks where Peun has been but is stopped short when Duen calls home. Hearing the name Duen scares Peun. Taem is told by his grandmother that he has to hide Peun. They hardly get away but Peun is seen by the servant man.

SangKum and Witton are leaving and Bang is happy. He is happy that Tad is a girl meaning that his boss isn’t gay like he thought. Witton says his good by to Tad. Since he knows she’s a girl he doesn’t act the way he did before with her. SangKum says good bye to her and she thanks her for understand her.  As they drive away Jao pulls Tad close to him and waves to them. He’s already acting like a married couple. Jao is just cute.

Jao Pattana helps Jitree sell her products which she calls “Super Beauty”. She is able to sell all her products with the help of Jao Pattana. He asks her that she must be happy but she tells him she isn’t since Taddao isn’t with her.

Back at the farm, they set out wine and drink together. Jao tells Tad to not drink because she will get drunk but she promises him that she won’t and continues to drink. He brings her to his bed saying that she is drunk but she continues to say she isn’t even though she is. She eventually falls asleep in his bed as he watches over her.

Jao: Even though you aren’t a girl. I love you, Tad.

How cute is Jao.

Jao Pattana is uncomfortable and can’t seem to sleep. Jitree interes the room with a better blanket and covers him be he stops her. They have a heart to heart talk and Jitree stays with him.

Tad lightly wakes up and turns to her side to have her hand land on Jaos stomach. She doesn’t know what it is and opens her eyes to see herself sleeping next to Jao. She is suprised and slowly gets off the bed to leave the room but is stopped by Jao. (They should have her lay her head on his chest no that would’ve been very cute!) He nicely asks her where she is going. She replies that she is going back to her room. He asks her what she is scared of and she answers that she isn’t scared. He slowly walks over to her and asks her why she is in such a hurry to leave. She is obviously scared he might do something to her. He tells he she must be scared he might do something to her but he tells her not to worry because he won’t do anything to her. She looks at him happily as he pulls her in for a hug. These to are to cute. Jao really loves Tad a lot.

Witton loves SangKum and noone can stop him from saying it. He writes on a chalk board in front of her store. He explains to her “W heart S” is Witton loves SangKum. SangKum doesn’t like it and tries to grab the chalk but is taken by Witton. The SangKum tries to grab it but Witton playfully holds it up so that she can’t reach it. The two are lovey dovey until Tom comes in to interrupt them. She taunts SangKum that she is very sly getting both Jao and Witton in her grasp. Witton doesn’t like they way she is treating SangKum and pulls SangKum to his side saying that Jao knows the two are together since he has someone. Tom is speechless. Tom is just annoying.

Taem goes to meet Peun. Peun remembers everything and tells Taem that it was his mother who tried to get rid of him. Duen is told by the servant that he saw Taem with Peun. When Taem returns home Duen stops him and tells him to tell her where Peun is.  Taem asks her if he tells her will she try to get rid of him again. Duen tries to win Taem over and lies to him. It almost works until Witton interrupts the two saying their grandmother was looking for him. Duen is pissed but Witton knows what she’s trying to do. Taem lets them know about what Peun told him.

Back at the farm Jao and Tad are feeding Julia. Jao asks Tad to chose between him or Julia and she chooses Julia. Jao grabs her by her collar but she pulls away which causes him to chase after her. The two don’t get far as Bang comes to tell Jao that someone is at the house waiting for him.  Jao holds his hands out to Tad but she doesn’t undestand his gesture. He then grabs her hand and tells her to go with him to see who is at his house. She doesn’t move but he pulls her along with him anyways. When they arrive Tad tells Jao that she’ll go make coffee and bring snacks. He stops her and tell her not to take to long because he’ll miss her. Awwwwwwwwwwwww how sweet is that!! Jao you just to cute!!! Tad is also happy with the comment and smiles to herself.

Preview: Witton takes Tad to the Bussaya house and introduces herself as Taddao.

Jao: If your not Tad who are you?

Tad: I’m Taddao Bussaya.

Duen doesn’t like it that Taddao is still alive. She throws the picture of Din on the ground and breaks it. Puen tells her that Taddao is Din’s daughter so she has a right. Tad finds the will behind the picture.

Todays episode was so cute! I’m glad that they didn’t spend time wasting on Jao  trying to figure out his feelings. But Jao is going to get piss when he finds out that Tad is a girl. But I’m sure he’s going to miss her and try to get back with her. I want more scenes with Jao and Tad the girl.


2 thoughts on “Taddao Bussaya EP 13 Summary

  1. DKT says:

    Thanks for the summary… couldn’t wait for wishboniko to sub it. Loving this lakorn. Thanks again!

  2. xingtze says:

    Oh my god!! This epi is so sweet i barely breath. I fall head to toe for Por or Jao Noi or both.lol…Next epi will kill us all for sure since Tad will be leaving the farm after overheard the conversation btw Jao and Jitree.Also when Jao found out the real identity of Tad…lot of drama next epi.
    Thanks alot for the summary.

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