Taddao Bussya EP 14 Summary

Jao enters the house to find his father on the balcony. He is happy but isn’t sure why he’s there. He greets his father and he him. His father asks how he’s been doing and he answers that he is fine. He asks his father why he is there and he tells him that he misses him. Like a child he is happy to see his father miss him. But the two are interrupted by Jitree. She greets Jao but he isn’t happy to see her. She can see the atmosphere and excuses herself. Jao then asks his father why she is there. He tells him that since she is his wife he has to bring her. Jao isn’t happy.

In side Jitree sees Tad and asks her about the snacks. Tad reconigses her mothers voice and calls out to her. The two hug after not seeing eachother for so long. Jitree asks her why she is at Jao’s house. Tad can only tell her that at the house she is called Sutad and not Taddao.

Jao is pissed that his father has brought Jitree there. His father tells him that he came because he wanted to help him. He tells him that he doesn’t need his help. Jitree tells Tad that if she didn’t force her to marry Jao Pattana her life would not be hard. She begs for her to leave with her but Tad can only say she can’t. She then excuses herself when Jao calls her for the coffee. Jao Pattana asks her who she is and she tells him that she is new. He asks her to leave but Jao Noi tells her that she doesn’t have to since she is his girlfriend/boyfriend. Jao Pattana can only laugh saying he won’t believe it. Tad doesn’t like it at all and pushes Jao away to run off.

Tieng and Bang are washing dishes together when Tieng asks Bang who came. Bang tells her that Jao Pattana and his new wife. Tieng knows that it is Jitree and runs to the house. Jao isn’t happy what has transpired between him and Jao Noi. Jitree tells him to be patient. After leaving the room Tieng arrives at the door and the two talk. Tieng isn’t happy with Jitree being there. Jitree apoligizes. Tieng tells her that Jao likes Taddao. But Jitree is confused because he had said Tad was a boy. Tieng begs her to not let Jao Pattana know that Tad is Taddao.

Jao waits at Tad place. After she returns he asks her where she went. She tells her that where she went is her problem. The two argue about what happened at the house. Tad tells him that it is not the right time and place to tell his father about them. He tells her that he doesn’t care because he loves her. She tells him that he must have a better understanding between him and his father. The next day Jitree and Tad are putting breakfast together and the two talk. After Tad goes to the kitchen Jao enters to see Jitree setting the table. He doesn’t like it. HE tells her why she is doing it and she tells him that she wants to. He tells her she can lie to his father but not to him. HE goes on to ask her where her daughter is. He insults Taddao saying that she must not be ashamed and be getting another man.  Tad over hears all of this and is insulted. Jitree tells him to not blame Taddao and only her but he tells her that they are both at fault. Tad leaves as Jao sits down to eat.

Jitree follows Tad outside and apoligises to her. Taddao tells her that it isn’t her fault since she isn’t Tad she is Taddao the woman that Jao hates the most. Her mother tells her to tell him the truth but she tells her she can since he will just hate her more. Her mother tells her that Love can overcome anything. Taddao tells her mother that if she does Jao will hate her and her mother more. Jao looks for Tad and is told by Bang that she never went to the fields. Bang taunts him about her and is interrupted by his father. He excuses himself and goes off looking for Tad. Jao Pattana asks about SangKum and Noi and bang tells him that they aren’t together anymore because Jao has Tad. Jao Pattana is shocked.

Jao arrives at Tads place and asks Tieng where Tad is. She tells him that she left. He asks where, to see Junior the calf. Tiengs then tells him that she left. He asks her where so he can go look for her. Tieng tells him that she didn’t tell her she just left saying she was going far away. Jao is shocked by the news. She tells him that Tad had left him a letter. In the letter Tad tells him that she is sorry she couldn’t keep her promise to be with him. She tells him not to look for her because she will come back to look for him. She tells him that no matter what happens for him to not hate her. Her heart will always be with him. After reading the letter he shouts for her to return home.

Tad had returned to the Bussaya house. There she is first seen by Duen who yells at her . She ask her if Jao has chased her away. Tad tells her no and that she returned by herself, Duen continues to yell at her but is interrupted by Tom who drags Tad away. She asks her if Jao has a girlfriend. Tad says no and Tom brings her hope up on chances on getting Jao.

Jao Pattana is pissed at Noi about his decision with SangKum. Jao Noi tells him that no matter what he won’t change his mind. Jao yells at him and asks will be he a toot. Jao Noi tells him yes and walks off. Jao Pattana is not pleased with the anwser. Jitree tells him to calm down and tells him that Sudtad is Taddao. HE asks her if Taddao is a boy, which Jitrees says no. (Ha, how can he ask her that!) She tells him that Sudtad is a girl not a boy. He thinks back on what Taddao looks like and laughs knowing that his son is not really Gay.

Jao Noi goes to bother Tieng again about Tads where abouts. Tieng tell him that she doesn’t know. He shouts at her that Tad always tells him where she is to Tieng. She tells him to calm down hut he isn’t having it. He tells her that every time he loves he loses it. Back at the Bussaya House Taddao has returned to take care of her grandmother. She is happy to see her and asks when she will see Taddai. She promises him that she will come. Her grandmother then lets her know about Puen.

Taem goes to see Puen who still seems alittle crazy. After he leave Churn who has followed him enters the place and looks for Peun. He is almost found out but gets away and finds Puens room. HE is about to kill Puen when Witton enters. Churn can’t kill puen and decides to leave before he is found out. After he leaves Witton finds the syringe and brings to the doctor. Witton is even more alert when he finds out that it wasn’t the doctors doing.

Churn and Duen talk and he promise to get the job done.

Witton sees Tad and asks her when she got there. Since he is talking loudly she tells him to talk silently. He doesn’t and tells her to tell him who she is. She tells him she can which makes him say he will tell Jao Noi she is a girl. She stops him then tells him that she is Taddao. He is suprised. HE asks her why she didn’t tell everyone from the beginning. She tells him that she couldn’t because Duen was the one who was trying to get rid of her. He doesn’t believe her but she tells him to ask Peun who kidnapped and tortured him. Witton beileves her and promises to keep her secret. Jitree asks about Tads whereabouts but Tieng isn’t having it and doesn’t tell her at first but does. After finding out that Taddao is at the Bussaya house she isn’t happy. She tells tieng that she has to get her because Duen is evil. Jitree tries to talk to Jao but he isn’t having it. He is still angry that Tad has left him. He is suprised when he sees SangKum. He asks her why she is there and she tells him Witton told her about Tad being at the Bussaya house. She tells him that Tad loves him with all her heart.

Duen is being a B and Witton can take it anymore. He goes to retrieve Peun. Tad foloows him and the two go to get him. Churn on the other hand has found Peun and taken him. They go on a chase and Churn shots Peun as he jumps out of the car. As soon as he sees Taddao he recognizes her. They take him to the hospital. Witton intriduces Taddao to her Grandmother, Tiem, and Taem. She apologizes but her grandmother isn’t angry she tells her that she understands her.

Jao pattana, Jao Noi, and Jitree all head to the Bussaya Household. Tieng tells Bang who Tad really is. Just like Jao is going to react Bang is devastated. Jao arrives and is seen by Tom first. She runs to him but is turned down by him who asks where Tad is. Orn tells him that she is in the back and he heads there. He interrupts the little meeting and takes Tad to the side to talk. Witton follows to make sure that nothing bad happens. He tells Tad that he wants to be with her and that his father approves. Tom comes in and hears it. She isn’t happy. Jao tells her that they are boyfriend/ girlfriend. Tom screams saying that he is crazy to like Tad. Witton stops her from hitting Tad and says he isn’t gay since Tad is a girl. Both Tom and Jao are suprised. Tad doesn’t know what to say but the truth adn tells him that she is Taddao Bussaya. He isn’t happy. Tom screams to which Witton tells her that she is her older sister. Jao isn’t happy and pushes her hands away as she tries to stop him.

Preview: Tom screams asking who Taddao is. Jao sees a girly Tad. Duen and Churn kidnap Tad. They are going to shoot her! Jao where are you!!

I’m excited to see tomorrows episode!! Didn’t have time to check if I got everything down. Will check tonigt after work or tomorrow morning! Peace!


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