How to Train your Dragon

Rating: 5/5

[Contain Spoilers]

How awesome could Dream Works get!This was an awesome movie!! Hiccup, yes, that is his name is the main character in the movie and is looked at as a joke for being the skinniest and weakest viking. As most characters he is the joke of the village and is not well liked even though he is the leaders son. The whole village hates dragons and are keen on finding the nest and killing all the dragons for good. Since Hiccup is the seen as a joke when the dragons come to steal the livestock’s he isn’t allowed to fight the dragons but runs out and decides to be the first to kill the Night Fury which no one has seen. Although he manages to get the Night fury he makes a fool of himself when he is chased by another dragon and has to be saved by his father.

His father decides to find the nest and kill the dragons because as the leader of the tribe he isn’t about to let the dragons continue taking livestock. As he leaves he leave hiccup to the blacksmith to take care of and allows him to do the dragon training to become a real viking.

Hiccup decides to go look for the Night fury and finally finds him caught in his net that he had shot the night before. He decides to kill the dragon but can’t and decides to let it go. The dragon turns on him and he thinks its going to kill him but no it doesn’t. It fly’s away and he decides to return to the village.

The training starts and everyone sees him as a joke once again but what can he do and plus the girl he likes (Astrid) is also training with him. The training ends with Hiccup almost dying. He returns to the place where he last saw the night fury and finds out that it has a broken tail and can’t get out of the area. That night is left with the book about dragons and realize that what they know about the dragons are wrong. He returns to see the night fury and slowly befriends him. He decides to build a part of the tail and helps it fly once again.

As Hiccup learns more about the Night Fury or Toothless as he calls him he learns to tame the dragons during his train which amazes the villagers. His father returns with one out of the three boat but is surprised that his son has become a celebrity in the village. He is proud of his son but has yet to know that Hiccup is taking care of a dragon.

That night he decides to leave with Toothless but is found out by Astrid who isn’t happy that he was chosen over him. She hears Toothless and is about to kill him but is stopped by Hiccup. She doesn’t like the idea and returns to the village but is stopped by Hiccup and Toothless. They take her for a ride and she learns to like flying on the dragon but the fun soon ends when they fly into a cloud with multiple dragons carrying livestock. They try to get out but toothless can and the two fly into the island where the dragons live. There they find out that the dragons are not eating the livestock but are feeding the mother dragon who is 100x the size of the dragons. As soon as they see it the mother dragons can smell them and causes it to send the other dragons flying.

When the two return Hiccup is torn with the choice of killing the dragon to earn his rights as a viking or to let his father know about toothless and the dragons.

I will be stopping here don’t want to spoil everything. For all movie goers this is a good movie and I fully enjoyed it! Go and watch it when you have the chance! I had the choice of regular screen, 3D screen, or Imax 3D and chose  3D Screen because I felt it was better to watch it in 3D. The Imax one was going to show an hour later than what we wanted to watch so we just went with the 3D one. It was good. I recommend it to everybody. Like other Dream Works movie they have cool animals, cute kids, funny adults, and good music!


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