Last week me and my younger sister participated in a Badminton tournament at my college. We weren’t sure if there were a lot of players but we went prepared because badminton can be a pretty intense sport. When we started there were only eight teams including us. Because the small number of teams they did double elimination. It was quite fun to play with the other teams. Most team were mixed me and my sister were on of two teams consisting of just girls. While we played my sister got mad at me saying that I wasn’t running and watching the birdy. I was trying to but she was so much more competitive than me. I think it might have to do with the fact that she was still in high school and was currently participating in the schools team. She’s in varsity playing doubles with her friend.

I didn’t think that we were going to get to the finals but we did and ended up playing the same team that we beat to get to the finals. They were quite good. Towards the end my sister ran to hit the birdy which flew past me and fell. The other team had missed the birdy when it went to their side and I turned around to see my sister on the ground. She literally rolled backwards. It was hilarious. The last point when the other team served to me I ran and smashed it. We won. It was the first time that I and my sister won something together. She was still kind of mad though saying that I didn’t do my best. I think I got lazy after awhile and didn’t want to run. It happens to me and my sister all the time so I don’t know why she was mad. Over all the tournament was a fundraiser for my friend and her organization who were going to go abroad to visit the Hmong people in Australia. It was successful.


4 thoughts on “Badminton!

  1. pnlis says:

    Wow, sounds fun. i wish we have something like that at my school. i hadnt play badminton for the longest time, 3 years 😀

  2. Johnny says:

    You guys must be pretty good at badminton! Congratulations to the champions. What was the prize?

  3. Dan says:

    This is Dan, from the UK.
    I really like the picture you have on ‘Badminton’.

    Any chance I can get any permission to use this in a leaflet I would like to produce for a sports day event for a voluntary organisation?


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