Saeng Soon

Starring: Chakrit Yamnarm, Bee Namthip, Fang Pitchaya

Episodes: 30

Rating: 4/5

Summary: It is rumored that anybody married to the Suriyachat family will be able to live in Saeng Soon, a room rumored to be beautiful, and get riches. Tong and Thoi are twin brothers who were somewhat separated from birth. Their grandmother did not like their mother and decided to take Thoi to take care of and left Tong who is the older brother to their mother. Dao who was a servant girl was taken in by their mother and looked after not as a servant but a daughter. The two boys grew up loving Dao but Dao only loves Tong. Dao was shown the Saeng Soon room and fell in love with it, but the only way for her to be able to own the room is to be married to the heir which is Tong. Longing to be the Lady of Seang Soon and Tong’s wife she is allowed to marry Tong. Thoi who also loves Dao interrupts the engagement but doesn’t manage to stop the two from getting engage. Her happiness can only last so long. After their engagement Tong is called to go and fight in Korea and leaves Dao in Thoi’s care. It isn’t long before Tong is announced dead by the army. The family is devastated leaving their mother dead. Dao is forced to leave but Thoi won’t have it and brings Dao back saying that he will marry her. Dao doesn’t love him but decides to marry him in order to become the lady of Saeng Soon. But the two soon finds that that Tong had not died and returns to find that Dao is now engaged to Thoi. Dao cannot comprehended Tong still being alive and her now engaged to Thoi. She decides to leave and never return to Saeng Soon. Tong is heartbroken but decides to bring Dao back for Thoi to marry. Along the way he meets Chothirut, who had met Thoi and had a bad encounter with. Not knowing that the two are twins she accidently hits him where he was injured and finds out that the one she met was Thoi. Tong tells her about Dao and Rut decides to help him by pretending to be his fiancé so that Dao would return to Saeng Soon. Dao decides to return but not before vowing to become the Lady of Saeng Soon no matter what. Once back at Saeng Soon Dao decides to fight to the death against their grandmother who knows that she just wants to be the Lady of Saeng Soon and Chothirut who Tong is falling in love with. Will she achieve her goals? Will Tong come to see the real Dao and fall in love with Chothirut? Watch Saeng Soon to find out.

Review: This is one of the best Thai Twin Lakorn I’ve seen. Most Twin lakorns are very similar with the storyline of being separated at birth. That plot just gets boring after awhile.  The plot is kind of similar but they grew up together so it’s not really the same thing.

First of all props to Chakrit he excelled in playing both brothers. He was calm and nice as the older brother and agitated and bothered as the younger brother. I could understand why each brother acted they way they acted. Thoi was raised by his grandmother and was a lot more spoiled than Tong. Tong was raised by his mother but he was not as spoiled as Thoi and was taught more manners. He knows how to understand others much better and would rather have the other person be happy before him. He portrayed them both well. I didn’t like chakrit much before but have learned to like him.

Bee is a great actresss. I saw her as nang’rai first so I didn’t know how she was going to be Nang’ek before I found out she really wasn’t the nang’ek. She did really well in portraying Dao, she was once nice but turned evil after finding out that she had lost everything she wanted. But decided what she really wants was to be the Lady of Saeng Soon. I could understand why she turned evil though. She was nice but she didn’t really work for the things she wanted. She kept on thinking that what she want she could get because Tong and Thoi were willing to give it to her. She only found out that she had to fight for what she wanted, when she lost everything.

Fang was the very cute as the Nang’ek. I didn’t really like her in Hua Jai Si la but loved her here. I think I prefer her cute and funny rather then bitchy. I really like her with Chakrit more than Bie. She was great as the main girl who wanted to help the pra’ek and fell in love with him. Their relationship was cute. I loved how she was playful with him to the point where he just wanted to be with her. It was good that she wasn’t weak. I really hate nang’ek that are super weak and can’t help themselves in hard situations. She was a fighter and didn’t really let anyone bully her. She did have some misunderstandings but she learned fast and was able to overcome the situations. She could see through Thoi who faked as Tong, and knew that Dao was trying to kill their grandmother. She was cute and smart.

I tried to look for pictures but only found a few. It was hard.

The lakorn over all was good. I loved how the story showed how everyone came to be the person they were in the lakorn. We got to see why Dao became the evil nang’rai. She was raised more as a rich girl than an servant and got more than she should have as a servant. Thong and Thoi had a uneasy relationship. Only the one who really loved her decided to leave her so that his brother could have happiness. But in letting her go he was able to find love. He was able to meet Rut and fall in love with her. They all met hardships but where able to get over them. Each actor portrayed their character well, i loved, hated, sympathized, and understood each person. It was well done. The storyline flows nicely and the story is told wonderfully. Each character was able to come out and show us their emotions.

I’m currently uploading this at Viikii, so if anyone’s willing to help me segment or sub please e-mail me.


2 thoughts on “Saeng Soon

  1. pnlis says:

    humm… i wanna watch it. i love Bee and Fang, i rarely saw Fang or heard news about her.

    i’ll see how far you get by the end of May. if you hadn’t done, i’ll help. i would love to help but school is killing me 😦

    • iluvjin says:

      lol! Thanks so much! Yeah, I’m currently busy but trying to finish segmenting the first episode. I love Fang too but she doesn’t get a lot of lakorns. She’s currently playing as Nang’rai in Bie’s lakorn with View.

      I know how much school can take out of you! Thanks again!

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