Songkran Festival!

Every year during April 13 – 15 the Songkran festival comes. It celebrates the new year. It’s approaching soon but with the protesting going on in Bangkok who knows what will happen this year. I’ve been looking at the res shirts and the government going at it for a few weeks now and think it should stop. Songkran is a fun holiday for everyone to celebrate but as of right now blood is being shed and a few people have died in result of the protest.I’m not sure what’s going to happen but the red shirts should go back home and celebrate this holiday with family and friends. The protesting has hurt those who don’t want to get involved and those who are involved.

On a lighter note here’s a video of the Songkran festival. This is a clip from Bangkok traffic Love Story. It starts around 8 mins into the vid. This was the first time I found out about the Songkran Festival. Ken and Chris made it so fun I wanted to join in the fun! Maybe next year!


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