My laptop has a virus and I’m currently trying to fix it. I won’t be able to update that much for a few days. I’m using the family computer to post this.

As I said before I won’t be going to Thailand in the fall anymore I’ll be going to China. I’m sad that I couldn’t because I wanted to go to Thailand so bad. I talked to my study abroad adviser the other day and she told me that this is a great way to learn about international relations. With the conflict going on in Thailand it was hard to even think about going there. I had decided to go there before the red shirts had even appeared. I’m not blaming them for me not being able to go there this fall but I think this conflict could have been solved.

Bangkok has become a war zone with fires, riots, shooting, blood, and death. It’s like a virus has spread and consumed most of Bangkok. I hope that this gets solved soon. I read online that the PM has called off the new elections this November I think this is just adding more fuel to the fire. It doesn’t seem the government is willing to talk to the red shirts anymore until they surrender. I also read that violence had spread to northern Thailand. My friend is currently in Thailand right now so I hope she is safe and sound with the other student and staff that are there.

Just wanted to share this song.



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