Pla Lhai Paai Daeng

I’m kind of late at posting this but Cherry and Mart are back together again after Mae Ka Khanom Wan. I’m kind of disappointed with Cherry’s latest lakorn’s so I hope this one is better. There was a rumor that Mart didn’t want to be in this lakorn but was pulled in to do it anyways.

“Love..doesn’t always end with a marriage like in the novels. It’s actually the beginning of a couple..that follows with many stories. For example, ‘Parit’ a really style-less doctor who values religion greatly, fell in in love and married with Pantaree, a beautiful women who happens to be the niece of the owner of the largest undergarment company in the country. It seems like their story will end gracefully and happily.”

“But life after marriage isn’t a path of roses. Instead, he had to face obstacles that male relatives of Pantaree had left. Someone like Parit, who’s only good at his job, but knows nothing about women, ended up having to become a part of a family where all the men in the house are philanderers. It’s like being a the middle of eels, to the point where he wants to become an eel like them too..”

Over all this lakorn looks promising.


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