Opeaning ceremony for 365 Day’s of Love

From the start I was only aware of Ken, Ann, and Tong being in this lakorn but after see this clip I’m able to see all the other actors and actress.

Looks like Nott and Louis Scott are both in here. I’m not that big of a fan of Louis although he did improve his acting a little from Sawan Bieng. I’ve liked Nott ever since I saw him in Jai Rao. I liked him and Vicky more than the main couple.

But back to the opening ceremony, Ken and Ann are looking good as always. It’s summer so her dress was perfect for the event. Ken is always looking good with a fitted suit. They’re praying for good ratings. Looks like Nott and Tong will be paired together. I wonder if she will be evil nang’rai or nang’rai who will realize that she didn’t really want pra’ek after meeting the second guy.

I’m hoping for this lakorn to come out late this year!


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