365 Day’s of love Teaser

Yay! The teaser is out for Ken and Ann’s lakorn! Channel 3 just held a event to show the lakorns that are going to be aired the second half of this year.

Thanks to ladyEdnaMode and Anon!

Thanks to Anon!

I can’t believe that they are also airing Ken and Chompoo’s lakorn also at the end of the year! Looking forward to Wanida! Tik can’t wait to see you again!


4 thoughts on “365 Day’s of love Teaser

  1. almee lee says:

    hi.. im almee.. and i was wondering if they are really married in life..?

  2. iluvjin says:

    Hi, welcome to my blog! They aren’t married in real life. Ken is actually married to Noi(another Thai actress) and Ann has a boyfriend. This is just for a lakorn.

  3. JW says:

    they are so matching!

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