Mae Hua Lumpong

Starring: Art Parsat, Namfon, Pattson

Episodes: 54


A 2008 lakorn starring Art and Namfon. Sah is a girl well known for her fighting in the Mae Hua Lam Pong district. After her father’s death she decides to get revenge by getting involved with the drug lords in the district for drugged her father to win a boxing match. Saruchat or Win is cop who goes undercover in the district as a motorcyclist to find evidence to arrest the drug lords. The two meet on bad terms but soon becomes friends in trying to stop the drug lord. One night the drug lord kidnaps Sah and is helped by Saruchat who helped her. She falls for Surachat but has no clue that he is really Win. As the two get closer and closer to getting evidence the two try to come to terms with each other as Win tries to keep his identity as a secret and Sah getting more and more involved in the case.

I watched this lakorn in about two to three days and laughed so much! This lakorn is like a new step into comedy because the daydreaming that the characters have are just hilarious. And I must say that Art is so attractive! I’ve been a fan of art since I saw him in BBBK with Ann and Aum. A man has never looked so good in uniform! Art you are my new favorite actor. I’ve never watched a lakorn with Namfon before but I like her. I don’t like Thai actresses that easily but she grew on me. Art and Namfom are making a new lakorn together so I can’t wait to watch it.

(Picture above not from the lakorn)

This lakorn is filled with laughs. I love the eye candy(mostly Art).


3 thoughts on “Mae Hua Lumpong

  1. mai says:

    oh really art and namfon gonna make another lakorn together…after i have watch mae hua lumpong, i fall for art and namfon. i was hoping that will they both makes another lakorn again. i can’t wait to see art and namfon new lakorn…:)

  2. minty says:

    what is their new lakorn call??..anybody know???

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