Aamir Khan’s Ghajini

Starring: Aamir Khan, Asin

Rating:5/5  Must watch!

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen a very good and I mean very good Bollywood movie. I grew up watching all sorts of movies but I did love watching Bollywood movies, the dancing and singing was what made me fall in love with them. But Ghajini was a filming that just took my breath away. I watched it with my sisters late a night, it wasn’t even from the beginning of the movie but 2/3rds of the way.

Aamir Khan pulls a stunning performance as man who can not remember for more than fifteen minutes on a rampage to get revenge. With only a camera and tattoos on his body to remind him of what his goal is, everyday he spends his time looking for Ghajini, the name of the man his girlfriend whispered before her death. There are flash backs to when his girlfriend, Kalpana is still alive telling the story of their of how the two met, fell love and seperated.

Kalpana played by Asin, is a struggling comercial actress who can barely make ends meet. Mistaken by her coworkers that she is going out with Airvoice’s  CEO Sanjay Singhania she takes the opportunity and uses to better career. Little does she know that when Sanjay comes looking for her he does falls in love with her. Never telling her his real identity she also falls in love with him.

As the two start to think about the future the two are separated as Sanjay goes to London to work. It is during this time that Kalpana’s gets herself involved with thugs who were transporting young girls to sell. But after helping theses girls little does she know how much danger she had caused for herself. She meets Ghajini the man who were in charge of buying the girls and finds out that he had two of the girls killed for saying it was him who bought them. This leads Kalpana in to more danger as Ghajini does not leave witnesses alive.

It is at home that Kalpana is warned she will be killed. She manages to hide when the electricity dies but doesn’t manage to get out of her condo. Sanjay returns early and knocks at her door only to not have anyone answer. Kalpana calls him but as fate would have it Sanjay’s phone is in his car. It is after Sanjay drives a few blocks away that he sees her miss call and calls her back. He races back to the condo and finds the place in ruins to see Kalpana walk up to him telling him to leave. He hugs her and hears he last words saying the name Ghajini. He is then hit by a iron rod by Ghajini and watches helplessly as Kalpana takes her last breath in front of him.

The violence in this movie is pretty high but the action is better than other bollywood movies I’ve seen; it isn’t cheesy action. And Aamir Khan took a year to chisel his bod to get his six pack in this movie. Everyone was stun when he reveled his image for the character being a bald man with a six pack. I myself was shocked because most of the Hindi actors that I’ve seen never have abs (there is almost always a belly). The music, oh the music plays such a big role in Hindi movies. I loved the songs. Hindi music have always been soothing in so many ways to me. I fell in love with the music from this movie. It really touches your heart when you really think about the person you love.

Kaise Mujhe is a beautiful song. The feelings of a man who loves the woman by his side.

Guzarish, I just love this song, eye candy with a beautiful melody.

Although I loved this movie it did have it’s flaws, I didn’t like the  college student who stuck her nose into Sanjay’s business. I didn’t like her she was just a nuisance to him. I was also confused as to how his memory lose worked. Maybe oneday i’ll understand I’m thinking about it right now.

Kaise Mujhe whole song with english subs. The song actually has the woman singing but it was cut in the movie and put at the end.

One thing my sister said was sad about this movie was the fact that he never was able to tell her who he really was. He had intended to tell her when he returned but was never able to due to Ghajini killing her. It was sad I didn’t want her to die but if she didn’t there wouldn’t be a story of a man going on a rampage to get revenge. The incomplete romance was heartbreaking but at the same time it made the movie a little bit more powerful. This is a must watch and shouldn’t be missed.

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One thought on “Aamir Khan’s Ghajini

  1. jay2x says:

    i like u most im very happy to watch the movie hope theres one more or many ghajini movie

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