Kularb Rai Narm

Rose without thorn’s is the title of Rome and Yaya’s new lakorn, currently airing right now on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It also stars Ploy and Tah.

Nantawadee and Nucharee are sisters with the same father. Their grandmother doesn’t accept Nantawadee’s mother because she’s a bar girl. Grandmother tries to ask to adopt Nantawadee, but her mother refused, so Nantawadee has to grow up among the bar girls. When her father is dead, Nuanjai, Nucharee’s mother intends to share some inheritance to Nantawadee, but she gives the condition that Nantawadee must move to live in her grandmother’s house.

Nantawadee accepts to move in and pretends to be good to her new family, but in her mind, she doesn’t like her grandmother and Nuanjai. And she’s also jealous of Nucharee, she tries to steal everythings that belongs to Nucharee. Finally, she can steal Lieutenant Sarat, Nucharee’s fiance to get married with her instead.

Later, Nadda, the bright-futured ambassador’s secretary comes close to Nucharee and fall in love with her. When Nantawadee knows that Nadda is richer and better than her husband, she tries to divorce her husband and approachs Nadda. When Nadda proposes Nucharee to marry him, Nantawadee tries to do everything to stop their wedding.

Man, the first two episodes were intense. Didn’t expect the drama to be so heavy from the start. P

The crew at the opening ceremony.

The different couples.

As I watched the opening I had expected Tah to have a nice hat to go with his officer outfit only to find him wear a envelope.

Individual shots

Nan, is actually a nice girl but because of the brainwashing she receives from her mother and grandma she turns into a crazy villain who will do whatever she can to reach her goals. She doesn’t see the nice in Nuch or her mother because she is blinded from the hate her mother gave her. Hopefully she will see later that they had good intentions towards her from the beginning before she tried to destroy their lives.

Nuch is really a sweet girl who have good intentions towards her sister Nan. She grew up know that Nan was her sister but was never able to meet her. But somethings being too nice blinds someone from see the persons true intentions and this is what happens to her. She was too nice to Nan to see that she was trying to make a move on Rat and that he was eating it up. If it wasn’t for her friend Keaw she would never have know that Rat was cheating on her with her sister. This opened her eyes up and made her somewhat stronger but seeing Rat still brings back the old memories of when they were together which keeps her from not protecting herself. The only person that is keeping her going is practically Nad. If she didn’t meet him she would have gone into depression and distance herself away like Nan had wanted. She really needs to stand up for herself soon because Nan is not stopping.A Ambassadors secretary, he’s got a nice life ahead of him. But meeting Nuch had changed him. After finding out that Rat had left her for her sister he swoops in to  and saves the Nang’ek from sadness. He seems like a very nice guy because he really does care for Nuch and doesn’t go to far with trying to win her heart. He gives her time and tells her to be strong. I thought that he was going to be stupid and fall into Nan’s trap but it doesn’t seem so, in episode six it seems he’s showing Nuch that her Nan, can try all sorts of tricks with him but he only have eyes for her.

So far the story is interesting to me enough to keep me waiting for it each week. My sister actually likes this lakorn too (She really doesn’t watch lakorns as much).

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  1. solo says:

    who is Yaya Urassaya Sperbund husband?

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