Ajusshi beat’s Inception and Salt at the box office

Won Bin’s new movie Ajusshi(The Man from Nowhere) has drawn over a million viewers and has topped both “Inception” with Leonardo and “Salt” with Jolie.

Won Bin  is Tae Sik a ex-special agent who is closed off from the world. He lives by himself but opens up to his young neighbor who he befriends. After the young girls mother gets involved with the drugs both mother and daughter are taken. Upon seeing her kidnapped he peruses the kidnappers to get her back.

After seeing the transformation that he went though it made me even more  interested in the movie.

I’m looking forward to watching this movie. I love action movies and the trailer for this movie made it even more promising. Won Bin is a great actor and has proved it many times so knowing that this movie has top the box office means it is a great movie.


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