My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Ep 1

(Been meaning to post this)

Lee Seung Gi and Shin Mina’s drama premiered this week and was entertaining. Knowing that this drama is write by the Hong sisters who were behind “Hong Gil Dong” and “Your Beautiful” I knew that this was going to be as entertaining.

Lee Seung Gi is the lead Cha Dae Woong.

Shin Mina is the Gumiho (Gu Mi Ho)

Noh Min Woo is Park Dong Joo

Park Su Jin is Eun Hye In

Kim Ho Chang as Kim Byung Soo and Hyo Min as Ban Sun Nyeo

Dae Woong’s Grandfather and Aunt.

EP 1

Wanting to become a action star Dae Woong is bent on going to a audition but is interrupted by his grandfather and is taken to sign at a private school. It is at a stop that he is able to get away. On his journey he is picked up by a monk who gives him housing and a cell to call his aunt. Unknowingly he wonders the temple and comes across Gumiho’s place. There is threatens him to draw the nine tails in which he does and releases her from the painting. Scared he runs for his life and falls down a cliff. She finds him and decides to save his life by giving him her fox bead which keeps him alive. The crazy journey starts as he wakes up to find himself hanging from a tree. Gumiho tells him that she put him in the tree so that the boar wouldn’t eat him. As he tries to get away from her he returns and takes her into the town after running away from the boar. He tells her to go her own way but she follows him.

At the temple the mysterious Dong Joo visits and asks about the painting which the monk points out is missing the fox. After the monk leaves he questions about it. There’s more to him then we know.

Dae Woong buys Gumiho food as a bid farewell is soon found out. On returning he challenges her to find him. She tells him that once she does hes dead. Once in Seoul his friends Byun Soo and Sun Nyeo help him find a place for the night. Once they leave Dae Woong plays ball only to lose it and have it returned. A bunch of balls then roll towards him only for him to see Gumiho appear. Afraid, Gumiho tells him that since she found him she’ll be taking back her Fox bead which she does.

(Not sure if I’ll continue with the summary’s. Just wanted to do this for fun. The drama is really fun and I love it. I think if ep 4-7 are still good then maybe I’ll do the summaries.) ( Can you believe that Min Woo is actually Rose from The TRAX! I was so suprised! He looks so handsome without the white makeup and crazy hair! Can you tell that it’s him?)


One thought on “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Ep 1

  1. hyokijun says:

    Cool nice summary. ^___^ I really love this drama it’s so funny~
    I hope you continue to write more summaries~

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