Pleng Ruk Rim Korb Fah Epi 1 pt 1 summary

Oh, the life of a star can be so overwhelming.

Namtam a singer is having a concert but somethings wrong.

As she prepares for her concert her cousin Kidakarn and mother settle down to watch the show.

Unsuspectingly a man comes up to her and askes her about the seat which she says is hers. He asks for her ticket and shows her that she was wrong. Embarrassed she scoots over and apologizes to the man.

And so the concert starts.

But behind the scene something is going on. Borom the CEO of the record company asks a co-worker if everything is set and ready to go and if Ben is there. She tells him that everything is ready and Ben is there.

Ben is asked by a worker and is taken to the back. Once there he askes his brother what’s going on. He asks him to help him but doesn’t clearly tell him what he needs help for.

He is taken to a press conference where he seated next to Namtan. There he remembers talking to his brother.

He brothers tells him to take responsibility. Ben askes him why it has to be him, Did he even think about how his life will turn out. He brother shouts and says that he did and thinks that he is the best choose. Ben knows that this press conference must have to do with that.

Oh hell no, Namtan announced to the whole media, her mother and Kidakarn that she has something wonderful to tell them. She tells them that it’s not just good news for her but also Ben, they are getting married¬† and are having a child. You can see on his face that he clearly does not like her. Even after seeing his face she smiles sweetly. The media then asked her about her gik or intimate friend which she brushes aside saying that the guy was just a friend.

Ben is benbared with questions which he answers but leaves. Kidakarn can stand the way he left and follows him. He askes her who she is, which she introduces herself as Namtan’s cousin Da. He askes her what she wants which she tells him to take responsibility. He tells her that he never said he was going to marry her since he didn’t announced. She askes him if that means that he isn’t going to take responsibility. He tells her that he doesn’t know if he cares because love is important to him.

Ben turns to leave only to meet up with his sister and friends. They ask him about the pressconference which he tells them that she announced to get married. The ask him to who in which he tells them that it’s to him. His friend is shock and grabs him saying that it can’t be true. As they talk his older brother appears and tells the group to leave so that he can talk to him. His sister rufuses, he shouts at her saying that it’s not her problem.

It is out of the question, how far will Borom go to ruin Ben’s life. He asks Ben to allow Namtan to live with him which he refuses. He asks Borom who the father is but he tells him that he has no clue. Borom goes on to tell him that he swears he will ask nothing more and will leave his company alone after.

Namtan’s mom confronts her and asks her when she will get married.¬† Her mother nicely says that she just wants to know because she’s pregnant and should get married right away. Namtan retaliates and say that she’s using the same tone the mother is using in which her mother slaps her. Da stops her aunt and tells her to calm down. Namtan then tells her mother that it’s her life so she will take care of herself. (Unknown to her mother she likes to party and sleep around)

Even without Ben’s permission, Borom is determine to bring Namtan to live with him. They are clearly planing something. Ben comes out to find the two and asks what he is doing. Borom tells him that she will be staying there with him. Namtan asks him sweetly which room she will be staying in. (They are clearly ruining his life. Dude is pissed at the idea of this pregnant star staying with him. ) He tells her that she can choose whichever room she wants. She smiles and tells him that she wants to stay in his room. (What esle will they take from him.) He is clearly pissed but tells her to go ahead and leave. His brother tells him that he made is easy for him and thanked him.

Ben you should just punch your half brother, he isn’t even worth your time, coming to your company saying that if you don’t take responsibility he will do something to your company. Part 2 coming soon!


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