Pleng Ruk Rim Korb Fah Epi 1 pt 2 summary

Da’s aunt is going over sea’s and tells her to take care of Namtan.

Dude us trying very hard to become a star by having news with Namtan.

Ben goes on a trip to Hong Kong and leaves Namtan behind.

Namtan visits Da and askses her to move into the house with her since Ben is out and she is by her self. She agrees and moves in.

While waiting in front of the house for the lady to open the gate the paparazzi arrive and start asking questions. How nosy can the paparazzi get.

Entering the house Namtan shows Da how messy the place is. In which Da decides to start cleaning.

While moving in Da discovers something that she would never want to see or touch, Condoms, disgusted she throws them back into the drawer.

Father and son talking. Bee wants to be a singer (dude doesn’t have the talent) and daddy is helping him become one.

Like a good mother her instincts kick in when she see’s Namtan drinking something that isn’t good for her since she is pregnant.

Bua having a talk with Namtan about Ben and the news surrounding them.

Writing her story she thinks about the heroin and hero, and only to have Ben as her hero.

Indiana Jones! lol!

That night unsuspected Ben comes home while she is  asleep and enters into her room to sleep.

Ben jumps on the bed to sleep only to land on top of Da

Da wakes up to see someone on top of her.

The two jump frighten.

Turning on the lights Da turns to see Ben and questions him on why he is in the room. He is also stunned to see her there and ask why she is there. She tells him to get out of the room but her tells her that she has no right to tell him to leave his own room. She tells him that she does because he should be sharing the room with Namtan which shuts him up since she doesn’t know that he’s not the father.

He grabs his bag only to be stopped by Da and given the box of condoms which may or may not be his.  He quickly takes it and leaves the room.


One thought on “Pleng Ruk Rim Korb Fah Epi 1 pt 2 summary

  1. kiya says:

    I know i’m really late in commenting, and you might not even be watching this anymore, but i hope you will continue summarizing this lakorn! OMG! i try looking for it everywhere and i can’t find it, though i did find the raw, but i don’t know thai AT ALL so i have no clue what they’re saying, but it looks good and i seriously love benz (and recently got into grate too XD) i hope you’ll continue, but since it’s old, it’s okay if you don’t T^T!

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