Love Across The World

หัวใจรักข้ามภพ hua jai ruk karm pope

Donut and Tye are reunited once again in Love across the World.

(Donut) is sent to the future when she opens a sword given to her by her mother. She is sent to where the sword is in the furtre and wakes up in Mark’s (Tye) bed next. Not knowing that she was sent to the future she tries to return home only to find that the place she once knew is not the same anymore. Will she be able to return home or will she learn to live in the new world.

This is a romantic comedy set in the past and future so it’s quite entertaining. I love the Donut-Tye couple so knowing a jist of the storyline I was interested. After watching it I was even more interested and fell in love with donuts character. She was raised by her father since she was young so she isn’t a girl who will not fight back. She strong and ambitious. I already love how the two met. Tye wakes up to find Donut next two him. Donut believes that two had done something together. Tye’s friend comes in to find the two and believes that he did because he sees blood on the bed sheets. Since donut is from the past the things she see’s are out of the world for her. She doesn’t know how to get out of the apartment since she has never seen the locks on the doors before. When she see’s the buildings she is shocked, she has never seen anything like it before. I love how she relys on Tye because since she woke up in his bed she thinks of him as her husband.

I think in time traveling lakorns it’s always cute when the person tries to learn about the future and how things work. When she asks for Tye’s name he tells her it’s Mark but since she can’t pronounce it she calls him Mak.

This lakorn airs 5 days a week although it’s only 30 minutes each. Also the OST is sung by Klear, one of the best female singers  in Thailand.

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14 thoughts on “Love Across The World

  1. fun says:

    I was going to pass on this lakorn but after reading the plot, I just might want to watch.

  2. Cecilia says:

    I super heart this lakorn too — love Donut and Tye’s superb handsome looking. I laugh at the part where she got transported onto his bed .. and next day, his friend thought the two did it b/c there were blood on the bed .. it’s hilarious. In episode one, i feel so bad for Donut b/c she seems so lost and confuse but yet, the ppl she land in treat her badly (except tye’s roommate) — i can’t wait til they travel back in time. I want tye to realize that Donut’s not crazy like he perceived her to be.

    • iluvjin says:

      I know it’s cute and funny at the same time. E-mak is really mean to her but I just love her reaction towards him. She seems nice but really she wants to beat him. I love how she grabs his shirt so that he won’t leave her. He knows that he’s falling for her when she fell and he caught her. He looked at least 2 whole minutes at her while is girlfriend was at his side.

  3. Cecilia says:

    I feel bad for the gf b/c he’s just using her to climb up the step of directing. But then again, a woman like her deserve to get treat like this too for being super evil and harsh on stranger. I think he’s falling for her too when he let her drag him here and there. The lakorn has just started and i already loving being together. Ah, speaking of falling — i believe Donut’s falling for Tye as well when he keeps on yelling at her. She ran out and cry by the staircase and then tell herself why must she cry for him — girl is falling in love.

  4. kc says:

    i’m pretty much stop watching thai lakorns but i’ll watch donut. she is truly a great actress who deserves to be playing more lead roles. she is not the typical thai actresses with big hair and heavy make-up. i haven’t watched the preview if it’s available but i like the story. has this lakorn aired yet and can you please sub?

  5. simplysweet says:

    Donut looks so beautiful in traditional clothings…i need to start on this lakorn already..i’ve been lagging. =)

  6. maiyang says:

    Hi, Im the Manger for Hua Jai Ruk Karm Pope and i really need help for who ever can help, to please please help me segment/subber for this channel on viikii from thai to english subbed. I love to watch thai drama but without the wonderful help of the people who help subbed i can never understand what they are saying.So Please please come and help out on this drama, i would be really apprciated on your help. the link is

    • der says:

      do you know where i can watch this lakorn with eng sub? i’ve been wanting to watch it since it air out but there’s no translation and its hard to understand.

  7. Lovely says:

    Thanks for sharing. I decided to give it a try after reading your description of this lakorn and I am instantly hooked. I’ve never seen any Tye drama before except the one he was in as Ploy’s son playing along side Noon. He’s hot in this one. I can’t stop laughing at each episode and I love that Donut kicks ass! Not many leading ladies can kick ass in lakorns like her…even though they may look tough and try to. She kicked Pat’s ass good. lol She’s beautiful and real to me. Thanks again!

  8. Riisa says:

    I’m stuck on episode 5 because no one else would continue subbing after that which makes me sad because I want to continue so baaaad!!

    Anyway, I LOVED this drama! It made me laugh so much! Donut is cute and she’s a really good actress!

  9. hello says:

    does anyone know wherre i can watch it subbed?

    • iluvjin says:

      You can watch this on vicki but it is only subbed up to epi 6.

      • der says:

        what happened to this lakorn on viki? it has been remove or is on private. do you know if it will be back on or not cause i’m so sad cause it is a great lakorn

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