Met Thai Celebraties!

I going to Siam Paragon I didn’t think I would meet Ananda Everingham! The Ananda Everingham of Shutter and the up and coming Insee Daeng! When we went in there was a press conference inside for “”My Best Bodyguard”! Sitting there were Chakrit and the rest of the crew for the movie! Singer Way was there too! The Princess came too but we weren’t allowed to take pictures of her.

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14 thoughts on “Met Thai Celebraties!

  1. fun07 says:

    are you required to wear uniforms? im sorry out of topic but what you’re wearing seems like what thai people wear as uniform to school.

    i would have snapped my camera nonstop. thank you for sharing. i would have fainted!!!

    • iluvjin says:

      No, we aren’t since we’re international students but they want us too so that we gain the real Thai experience at school. Yeah, college students have to wear uniform too.

      It was crazy, I didn’t expect to see any of these guys there. Me and my friend stood at the press conference the whole time to get pictures taken with them. My friend didn’t speak any Thai so she shouted, Do you speak English and Chakrit was like “What kind of question is that?” I just about died! They all had amazing English!

      • roselovesice says:

        Pwahhhahaha! Oh man! I Love your friend!
        I would of had done that too! Lol
        Did Chakrit answer back in Thai or English? funny stuff! XD

      • iluvjin says:

        He said it in English! It was so cool. Chakrit was like these girls are so demanding. Way was like “Where are you from,” “USA.” The US, Which State?” “Minnesota,” “Minnesota?” He had such a nice voice, too bad he just got married.

      • roselovesice says:

        Oh really? Ahahha funny stuff. Gosh. i wish i had a conversation like that with them! Lol
        Seems like he didn’t know where Minnesota is in the US. Lol xD

      • Lovely says:

        I just died and went to heaven after reading these comments! Ahhh-screaming like a crazy fangirl! Fanning myself! All I can say right now is omg omg omg omg! I love Chakrit!!!! Love his badass look!

  2. roselovesice says:

    Ahahha Forreals man! I agree with your Fun. xD
    I would totally snapped my camera nonstop too but mostly FAINT! rofl

    wow. Lucky you. I wish i got to see ’em. xD
    Hope you had a Great time! &&SEE MORE DARA’S !!! ehehhe 😉

  3. kashie19 says:

    wow what kind of a conference was that? was it the “Hot Thai Gentlemen’s Club” annual conference or what? wow…Chakrit, i would have died in his arms, any pictures of him??

  4. fun says:

    Ah *fan girl moment* you actually spoke to them and they replied. Heart attack! Where they a lot of fans out there with you guys. You gotta include all details. I wish I was in your shoes right now!!!

    • iluvjin says:

      It was weird because I had expected a bunch of people. There were less then 50 people there. It was awesome! It was totally unexpected because I had gone there with my friend to hang out and buy a lens but saw celebrities. I think the two of us or more like my friend talked to to them and the talked back. I think that the Thai fan’s were a little to shy to talk to them. They probably thought that we were loud. lol, we we got to talk to them and take pictures. Chakrit was very cute talking to us and promising to take pictures with us.

  5. Lovely says:

    Eerk! I’m so jealous! You were surrounded by hot men and got to take pictures with them. Ahhh!

  6. roselovesice says:

    Kyaa! Chakrit! ahah Dang. they all are so tall!
    I still wish i gottah meet them. So jealous! ahahhaha

  7. Cecilia says:

    I miss this .. I’m jealous! So lucky!

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