Film possibly a father?

I know that this is old news but it’s been going for a while now and I think that a DNA test should be done. As of now Film has come out to say he is willing to give a DNA test. Annie wouldn’t allow a test saying that she knew who the father was. Film’s mother came out to ask Annie for a test. The CEO came out to say he was suspending Film and did a investigation of his own. He said he found out Annie was dating about 3 other guys at the same time so the father could’ve been someone else. An actor who I never heard of by the name of Joon was said to be a candidate but came out to say that they were using him as a scapegoat. Then the most recent news Film overdose on on stress pills. He was just released last week.

I fear that the longer this thing goes the more pain it will bring to those involved especially the baby. Now that Annie is more exposed the baby will be too. If she doesn’t do the DNA test society will forever question who the father is and ruin the child life. By starting this drama it has damaged the child’s life. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.


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