Yep, the lakorn just ended but I just had to post this up. The lakorn was actually good. Wanida is a remake of Mew and Saranyu’s from 1991. Following the same storyline of a solider who marries a girl because of his brothers debt. Although he has his own girlfriend he starts to fall for his wife’s charms. The remake stars Aff and Tik with his return to television.

The lovely couple! Wanida and Major Prajak Mahasak.

The innocent Nang’ek!

The handsome Pra’ek!

Boy Pisanu the second lead. Oh, how unlucky you are Khun Montree.

Prajak with his lover Pisamai and brother with is lover Branee.

At the dance competition, Prajak, man up and take your wife to the dance floor.

Getting married for the wrong reasons. Smile Prajak you’re getting married to the love of your life.

Pretending to play the Violin.

Our second couple that didn’t get enough time to shine.

Indebted brother with the woman that saves his life when tries to commit suicide. At least he learned his lesson and became a better person.

All the couples together.

The most awkward hug ever.

I have to say that the ending could’ve been done in 16 eps. They extended it  and I was totally like this could’ve been shown in the other episode, I didn’t need to wait another day for this. But thats just me. They had an happy ending like every lakorn.

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2 thoughts on “Wanida

  1. Lovely says:

    That hug was very odd and uncomfortably weird. It was more like they were hugging/posing for a picture. Who in the world hug and look away after getting proposed to or got the answer they wanted? It’s like, they didn’t even want to do it but had to. Worse than when they were forced in the beginning. LOL They’re supposed to be embracing and kissing no matter which timeline they’re in. ^^

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