Ken Ordianing from the 12th-25th

Handsome Pra’ek of Channel 3 went and got ordained on the 12th of this month. He will be a monk until the 25th of this month. His family as well as co-workers from Channel 3 and even his fan club was there to see him on his way to ordaining.

When he got ordained he did it with his friend.

His wife and child giving him food in the early morning.

His son is just plain adorable!

And of course as a KA fan there must be a picture of them! lol.

Ann did not attend the first day so she went for the third day before Ken heads to Khao Yai to continue his journey.

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2 thoughts on “Ken Ordianing from the 12th-25th

  1. VIRGINIA says:


    • iluvjin says:

      Sure, They are one of Thailands leading couples in Lakorns. They have made 5 lakorns together so far Rang Ngao, Oum Ruk, Sawan Biang, Sood Saneha, and the most recent 365 Days of Love. The ratings for that lakorn wasn’t that great so if you are a fan you might have to wait a year for them to act together again. Here is a link to a forum dedicated to the two. Please join if you want to.

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