Red Eagle Review

I should’ve posted this along time ago but just remembered! Ever since I knew about this movie I set a goal to watch it and was able too. I went with my friends and watched it at the movie theater. Just a warning there is going to be a lot of spoilers (it’s just the way I do things).

Ananda Everingham plays Rome Rittikrai/Insee Daeng. He is a loner who lives in a warehouse his father gave to him.

Yarinda Bunnag plays Vasana Tienpradab, the INGO protester/PM’s ex’fiancee/Rome’s love interest.

Wannasingh Prasertkul plays Chart Wutthikrai, Rome’s friend who is a cop trying to capture Red Eagle.

“A nuclear power plant is about to be commissioned upon the signing of corrupt and power hungry politicians. The citizens are in frenzy, as they oppose this plan but they cannot do a thing about it. And so, a hero was born, chasing down the criminals and the corrupt, killing of whatever threatens the city’s well being. He leaves a card with his name simply as “THE RED EAGLE”. However, the hero becomes the hunted, when the politicians send out their best defense, known as “THE BLACK DEMON”.” -AsianMediaWiki

I was excited to go to the movie theater and watch this movie but was disappointed.

Warning Spoilers Lots of them!

The movie starts out with a group of men dealing drugs only to be stopped in the middle by Insee Daeng, the shoot him but never manage to even hit him while he on the other hand doesn’t miss a single person. He gruesomely kills the leader and leaves leaving his name card behind. While on the political side there is a man, Direk, who is running for PM and promises to close the nuclear power plant that has been built in the southern of Thailand.  The elections passes and the man is elected PM but in the end the power plant was finished.

The area is in chaos and all the protesters are injured from military intervention. The leader of the group tells Vanasa to leave the area because it has become dangerous. On television three men debate about the ongoing violence and one man talks about the coming age of a hero that will save everyone.

Many things happen, red eagle gives a “You are next” message to a politician. A bomb goes off at the nuclear power plant conference where Vanasa is. Chart is brought in to investigate the incident and meets Vanasa, he has a little crush on her.

Rome wonders the street and heads to a bar to relax to see Vanasa on tv talking about the incident. Vanasa while looking for documents finds red eagles mask and remembers to when she meet him. She found out his real identity which he was going to kill her for but doesn’t. He was shot and a bullet remains in his brain causing him to have painful migraines. Her thoughts are interrupted by a call and it turns out to be Rome. He only asks her if she is okay and and hangs up.

The politician is on high alert scared that he is going to die that night. He has multiple men watching his house and continues on with his life, two young girls are brought in and are taken by him to a room. Red eagle arrives and is not detected he kills a man who is smoking (There is a text on the bottom that says smoking is bad for you, yet our main actor smokes ironic, no?)

He is able to enter the house and kills the man, but is found out and has to fight and shoot his way out of the house. (Although they use machine guns on him he only got shot 2-3 times. The whole time he had a hand gun. This made me disappointed, I was thinking I would get to see very good action scenes.)

Chart goes to the politicians house and sees what Red Eagle has down is upset that he is just going around murdering people like crazy. They figure out that he has left a message and opens it. It’s addressed to Chart saying that they don’t know who sadistic the politicians are behind the scenes they are the criminals. Chart is pissed and makes his new partner find out who red eagle by using his face from the video.

The Matulee, a underground organization, has had enough with Red Eagle interfering with there group and has decided to send in Black Devil which they believe is the best assassin to get rid of Red Eagle.

The gang stages a guy for Red Eagle to go after, which he does, Chart makes sure to capture Red Eagle and watches the wanted guy at a club. There Red Eagle is able to beat the guy up but is unable to kill him due to Chart intervening. On the run Red Eagle senses someone and sees that Black Devil has found him. The two fight for a good 20-30 minutes resulting in Red Eagle defeating Black Devil. Red Eagle returns home cut up and stitches his cuts.

Vanasa returns from a conference and is scared by a bunch of guys on motorcycles. They chase her and leads her to crash her car which she hits her head and goes unconscious. Red Eagle arrives out of nowhere and defeats the gang. He takes Vanasa and brings her to his place which she wakes ups and looks around to find Rome injecting himself with morphine. She figures out that he has become addicted to it and tells him to restrain himself from taking it. This leads to a make out session out of the blue. Rome sends Vanasa to the airport for her trip down south and tells her he meet up with her there when he is finished with his work.

Chart on the other hand is angry that he wasn’t able to capture Red Eagle but having a lead on what he looks like he goes after a gangster.  The guy notices Chart and his partner and starts a shoot out with each other.  The guy is able to get away and Chart goes after him with an ice cream motorcycle. Once he reachs the guy he crashs the motorcycle and is stuck under it. The guy is about to shoot him but Red Eagle comes to the rescue. The guy is able to get away while Red eagle helps Chart get up from under the motorcycle. Chart tries to apprehend him but isn’t able too. Red Eagle handcuffs him to the motorcycle and continues on to find the guy in which he finds the taxi abandoned on a unfinished bridge. The guy is waiting down below and presses a button causing the taxi to explode. He thinks that its the last of Red Eagle but he rides out of the fire and lands down where he is. Red Eagle chases him and questions him but sees little bots come out of the guy and kill him.

Red Eagle must prepare for the worst. He redesigns is outfit and gadgets, installing a small knife into his shoe. He gets read to leave only to find something suspicious, his ice eagle is covered by blood and the door is locked by a metal bar. Black Devil comes out of now where and fights him. He manages to get away and shoots the light dead. The two walk around for a good few minutes and shoot each other untill most of the ice in the room is destroyed. They both run out of bullets and refrain to hand on hand combat. The two fight for a while resulting in Red Eagle cutting Black Devils mask off. It turns out to be Seragent Singh, Charts new partner.  Turns out he was the guy who was sent in to kill Rome’s team when they were doing a drill in the forest. They fought and Rome finds out that the government were the people who had order for the team to be gotten rid of. Rome is shot when he doesn’t pay attention although he falls down a waterfall. Red Eagle is pissed but his migraine causes him to be in pain and Black Devil takes advantage. The two continue to fight on only for Red Eagle to kick him in the neck with his hidden knife. He manages to defeat Black devil but is locked in and finds that there is a bomb with only a few minutes left. He is able to get out but barely.

In the south the protesters take it to the streets because their leader was murder. Vanasa leads the group and is targeted by snipers who the government have allow to target. They shot but misses due to the pushing of the group. The group runs in chaos and pulls Vanasa along with them.

Rome has recuperated and heads  south to meet with Vanasa.


So those who have seen this movie what did you think of it? I was really disappointed having high expectations for Ananda. The action was not amazing, maybe if less CG was used it would’ve been better. Thai action movies that don’t us CG are way better, ex. Ong Bak 1. I wasn’t the only one, I went with my friends who complained about it too. I talked to one of my friends in the way back home and he told me that some scenes were exact copies of other movies such as Batman.

Just to let you guys know, it was a while ago that I saw this movie so some parts are missing and some scenes might not be in order.

Also this movie ended so odd that you if payed a good amount of money in the movie theater you would’ve demanded it back.


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