Ajusshi Review

As expected of “The Man from Nowhere” or “Ajusshi” it was an amazin movie.  I can’t think of a better actor to be Tae Shik other than Won Bin. The man is amazingly hot and can act you can’t really find a lot of those.

His portayal Tae Shik was right on. A man who has hidden away from the world due to his past. He finds friendship in young girl who comes to him everyday handing him her mp3 player for a few dollars. The younger girl usually is the only one who talks to him getting away from her mother who is a dancer and drug addict.

Tae Shik is thrown back into the world when the young girls mother steals drugs and place it in his pawnshop. The young girl and mother are kidnapped and he can’t rely on the cops so he himself gets involved.

(No one messes with the hot ex-super agent!)

The closer he gets to the thugs who took her he finds that they are kidnapping children and selling their organs in the black market. Tae Shik is not forgiving when he sees what they are doing and destroys everything in his way as he finds his way to finally see the young girl again.

I don’t think anyone should stand in the way of a man who has lost everything in this world. He is going to risk his life to get what ever he wants.

This is an excellent movie that should not be missed. This was the highest grossing movie in Korea when it came out. Won Bin is not to be missed in this action movie that kicks ass. Also the OST for this movie is very lovely which is embed below along with the trailer.

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One thought on “Ajusshi Review

  1. Riisa says:

    Damn right this movie was awesome! Won Bin did some fascinating martial arts and his using guns are HAWT!!

    I’ve never really seen a lot movies or dramas by Won Bin (don’t think he did much anyway) but this movie just made him the star of acting for me! His drama and action were terrific!!

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