Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai

Ploy and Domes new lakorn “Love can never die” is out! This real ex-couple re-teamed to make this lakorn about a 400 year old vampire who is trying to break the curse that turned him into a vampire. Dome plays the pale vampire who is trying to collect the treasure that his father and uncle stole turning them into vampires. Ploy plays a clumsy girl who helps Dome with finding the treasure.

I actually don’t know the names of the rest of the cast. I know I should look them up but I’m lazy. I will do it in a update post after half the lakorn comes out.

The lakorn looks promising, its very cheesy in some parts and so much fangs but over all Ploy and Dome’s chemistry carries the lakorn very well. The one thing that bothers me is the guy that plays the cop. He looks super young and just doesn’t look right as a cop also is it just  me that thinks he has a very big nose.

(I’m gonna punch you because Plai likes you and not me!) (Too bad, I’m to fast for your slow punches!)

(Yeah, I’m gonna suck your blood!)

The cop and his sister(not sure if it’s his real sister in the lakorn).

The vampire and his love (I’ma suck ur blood).

Those two guys are kind of cute but their acting isn’t so great.

1st teaser

2nd teaser

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14 thoughts on “Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai

  1. mai says:

    LOL @ the comments haha i love this lakorn!!

  2. yui says:

    p’dome is so hot..and p’ploy is so pretty..too pretty for being a ‘simple’ girl but overall i like this drama!

  3. Cheery says:

    I love this Lakorn Very very much lah,,

  4. Kim says:

    luve that lakorn. I agree with you the cop is too young. he was born in 1993. The age gap between him and Ploy is almost 10 years! freaky there are so many thai actors, who could better fit into the cast. But the cop is not the main cast, so it doesn’t matter… just not pay attention at him. Anyway I luve the Ploy and Dome.

  5. maiya says:

    i love love love love this lakornn, Dome/Tripoom is sooo perfect for a vampire. i seriously dont know y twilight is sooo famous for and yet this is wayy betterr, it needs to be known by lots moore ppl.

    p.s i : i love DOME/TRIPOOM<3

  6. anna says:

    hiiiii ………….. my beast character is kun Ram he is soooooooooooooo hoooooot i mean it anyone know his full name, i onley know the gun part thats all…….T_T…………………………………………

  7. michele says:

    Do you guys know where to watch this full movie (Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai) with eng sub??

  8. celine says:

    I love this lakorn !

  9. chakatce says:

    my first time to watch a thai drama and i loved it… hope to watch another drama with ploy and dome in it… love them…

  10. chan says:

    i love this story so much…..! this is a first story for me love so much like this……i hope i can meet Dom and i can meet a person as traipoom…!!

  11. Alice says:

    I love this lakorn I love Dome and Ploy act. The two guys Gon and Kan are so cool I like Gon the best 😉 Ram is cool for a vampire and Tripoom. For Plai she wont be to clumsy.
    For the girl with Ram I like her act its really really awesome that I cant take my eyes off her when I see her act ITS JUST AMAZING!!!!!

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