Hello Ghost

Waking up from a failed suicide and seeing four ghosts is what happened to Kang Sang Min. A chain smoking taxi driver, a perverted old man, a constantly cry lady and a playful child with a sweet tooth. They start to change his life which leads him to full their last wish so that they can leave. Hilarity ensues as they take over his body to full their wishes.

Having never smoked before Sang Man is sure suprised when the nurse took the cigarette out of his hand.

And not liking sweet things he is forced to gobble them down.

Never looking at women sexually he starts to flirt with women.

And never crying openly in front of others he starts show a softer side.

As he spends more time with these ghost and fulfill their wishes he starts to fill in the empty hole inside him. He soon starts to find himself falling in love and wanting to live on.

This is a amazing movie with an amazing twist at the end that even I didn’t see coming. This movie should be watched! It was a major hit in Korea and has even managed to get an American remake which I don’t think is a such a good idea.

I can also say that I love Cha Tae Hyun!

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One thought on “Hello Ghost

  1. cziel says:

    I have watched this movie and yes I love it! The ending is so heart warming that I burst to tears! haha! Totally worth watching! 🙂

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