Thai celebrity update

So I know I haven’t been updating a lot like I said I would but classes have thrown a load of HW.   Here is a update on Thai Celebrities.

1. Film has returned to Thailand and is still be hit with scandals. Just recently another girl came out to say she has been dating Film for the past year and a half. Will the scandals with Film ever end?

2. Pancake and Weir to do another lakorn together? They had just recently broken up with the rumor of Pancake going out with Pae Aruk and are said to be getting back together for a lakorn. (Also since Weir was living with Pancake and her family he has moved out since the new broke out and is waiting to move into a newly built house.) They are doing a new lakorn together and it seems that Pancake is not effected at all.

3. Paula has given birth to a baby girl!  Congrats to her and her husband!

4.A possible committed suicide connected to Dok Som See Thong. Ch3 lakorn has been a hit lately with the promiscuous Reya going around and stealing other womens husband making the ministry of Culture come out to ban the lakorn. The lakorn didn’t get ban but a lot of the sexy scene have been edited out.

5. As a Ken-Ann Fan I just have to tell the world that they are getting back together to film another lakorn! It will start this June actually and air next year. Ken is filming another lakorn with Janie. As for Ann this is the first lakorn she has confirmed to be in. When I get more news I will update on them!


One thought on “Thai celebrity update

  1. Cheery says:

    ah thz for the post, waiting to see more news of ken and ann with new lakorn

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