2012 is an exciting year!

I know its been a long time but because of that I have so much to talk about! During that time I was able to watch anime and dramas that I want to talk about. Its been awhile since I was able to love a drama like I did in the past. 

One Piece

I don’t know why I didn’t watch this before! It’s such an adventure! I can’t say how much I love Luffy. He’s an idiot but I think that that is the part of him that makes him unique. He has the will to live and to save others. He doesn’t care much about things and only want to achieve his goal of becoming the Pirate King. If he was a really person I would totally want to be apart of his nakama. If you are a anime lover I would recommend this to everyone.

The Moon Embraces the Sun

I’m sure I’m not the only one on this boat. This drama has captivated me the first korean drama in a while. I love the story of two people who were destine to be together separated by the hands of humans only to be brought back together by the heavens. Sometimes the use of supernatural elements in a drama ties the drama down because it is used wrong but I think that it works great for this drama. I can’t say how much I love Kim Soo Hyun as the king/ Hwon. He’s hot even when he is yelling.  I think that Han Ga In is doing better than expected. So many people hated her being the lead but I think that shes slowly growing the character in the right path. The story so far is great but I hope that it doesn’t go off the wrong path. Sometimes it starts out great and then just falls flat at the end.

Wild Romance

This was the first korean drama that has had me laugh in every episode. Lee Shi Young proves to be one of the best actresses in Korea for me. I love her character Eun Jae who seems to use the fists before her head but that also goes for Park Woo Yeul (Lee Dong Wook). Hilarity always ensues when the two are together making this drama great to watch.


There are many dramas that I have interest in so I hope that it’s a good year for not only Korean dramas but Japanese, Chinese, and Thai. Thai dramas have not been grabbing my attention so I’m worried. But I think that soon I will be able to watch one that I will like. Chinese dramas are just pissing me off with the bland story lines. And the leads are almost always boring together. I don’t know about Japanese dramas because I haven’t watch one for a while but I think I’ll get back on track one I have more time.


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