Queen In Hyun’s Man


I know that some are not that there are many time traveling dramas right now but after watching this one I just had to post about it. Even though it is a time traveling drama please don’t compare it to Rooftop Prince. They are two different stories and are nothing alike, expect for the time travel piece. 


Kim Boong Do(Ji Hyun Woo) is a scholar who had supported the reinstatement of Queen In Hyun when Jang heebin’s schemes resulted in her being deposed and replaced as King Sukjong’s queen consort. He travels 300 years into the future of modern Seoul and meets Choi Hee Jin(Yoo In Na), a no-name actress who is expecting a career renaissance through her role as Queen In Hyun in a TV drama.


Yoo In Na is a Choi Hee Jin. She is a no name actress who has finally made it by getting the main lead in a drama. She meets Kim Boong Do who has time traveled 300 years into the future


Kim Boong Do is a Scholar who has time traveled to the future. His family was killed due to their loyalty to Queen In Hyun. As the sole survivor he continues to find the the one responsible for the murder of his family and the one who has overthrown the queen.


Kim Jin Woo plays Dong Min. He is a Hallyu star and has been cast as the King in the Drama that Hee Jin plays Queen In Hyun. He is also Hee Jins ex-boyfriend which has left a stain in their relationship.


Jin Ye-sol as Yoon-wol. She is a courtesan who is in love with Boong Do.


I’ve watched the first 2 episode and so good so far. It is aired on tvN and all the dramas I’ve seen on tvN have not dissapointed me. (Major Spoilers(Mind you that I watched it without subs so I’m guessing with some of the things that happened))

Queen In Hyun has been removed and replaced with a concubine. Assassins have arrived to kill her and she knows it. She closes her eyes leaving it to fate but she does not die. At the last moment she is saved by Boong Do who manages to kill all the assassins. The person who has sent the assassins is not happy with the results. He stops by to visit a courtesan telling her where he is headed and she gives him a talisman for protection. Reaching his destination assassins are sent to kill him and confronts him in a room filled with books. He easily defeats the guy only to be stopped by the leader. The fights ends with Boong Do on the floor exposed to the sword of the Assassin but luck gives him a chance and a book lands on him. He uses it at the last moment and manages to block the sword but it doesn’t last long as the blade slices through the pages dripping the blood on his shoulder on too the talisman. Just as the assassin manages to bring the sword down Boong Do vanishes leaving him confused at what had just occurred.

Cut to the year 2012………Choi Hee Jin is late and rushing to get to her audition. She isn’t late she finds out but  needs to change and resorts to changing behind a sign. Little does she know that talking on the phone can take up time from getting dressed. In her case the room she is changing outside of starts to open the blinds leading her to come face to face with her ex-boyfriend Dong Min. She goes to audition but has a heavy heart thinking that she won’t get the role. She gets drunk and receives a phone call from Dong Min telling her that she will get the role. She recieves a call but if luck would have it she drops it and it also goes in the drain. She stops the taxi and manages to answer the call. She got the role!

Cut to Boong Do, he wakes up to the same room except this time its empty. Hearing a light and two men walk by he quickly hides between a post. He leaves the room and ventures out. He feels different which he should but continues on. He sees the king walk by with his eunuchs but there are cameras, lights, and people in weird clothes surrounding him. He tries to make sense of whats happening until he is pat on the back. He turns to see Hee Jin who is happy to greet him. She tells him that she has just been cast as Queen In Hyun and can’t seem to keep her happiness in. She hands him a pastry as a gift but he doesn’t accept. He is stunned. As she is called he slips away and returns to the same room. He tries to figure it out and finds that the talisman was what sent him to the future. He recites the talisman and is then sent back to the past. (This is only goes to the beginning of epi 2 so I will return to finish the rest asap.)



2 thoughts on “Queen In Hyun’s Man

  1. Hayl says:

    ^^ hope time moves faster. i want more…. 16 episodes sounds too short.

  2. feennie says:

    I was in for a surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed this kdrama. Ji Hyun woo is sooo adorable….wish to meet someone like him too. Thank you for the review , had trouble understanding the subs, now, I know.

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