Rooftop Prince Halfway Mark


With RTP reaching 10 episodes it has hit the halfway mark leaving only 10 more to conclude the story.

(Major Spoiler from epi1-10)

The investigation of the Crown Princess has led Yi Gak and his three men to the future. They are sent to Bakha and become her roommates. The four must adjust to the present time as they stand out like a sore thumb. The Crown Prince Yi Gak takes the Identity of Tae Yong in the present in order to figure out how him and his crew has time leaped into 2012 and to solve the murder of his late wife. He has found her in Sena but can’t seem to get her to remember the past together. Although he has found her and seeks to marry her he has developed a crush for Bakha and can’t seem to let her leave. Only the future can tell what their relationship will become.

After getting stuck with the four men Bakha has come to like them and see them as a family. Her memory lost of when she was young has returned after seeing her step sister Sena turn her back on her and their mother.One would think that getting her memory back would lead her to being happy but has only given her setbacks. First her father has passed away without her meeting him. Second she knows how cunning her sister really is. Third the guy she likes is making a move on her sister. Fourth YG grandmother thinks she is lying. Fifth she has nowhere to go. She feels alone even though she is living with four guys and have a caring step mother.

Sena on the other hand sees that the reoccurring appearance of her step-sister is repeatably breaking down her wall of lies.

Tae Mu is filled with guilt of running away from a crime scene and is too weak to stand up to his father about his relationship with Sena. He seems to see through Li Gak but can’t get solid evidence. He also got found out by one of the Managers that he did meet Tae Yong in NYC.

The Trio are adjusting slowly with the help of Bakha who is like a mother hen to them. It seems like Yong Sul has a slight crush on Bakha.

Also Bakha’s mother has returned and is searching for her. She get close to finding out that BakHa is her daughter but Sena stepped in to stop her. Little does Sena know that she has the very same mother as Bakha. They are step sisters. Isn’t it crazy?

The boys are getting closer to solving the murder case and believe that the Prince getting married to Sena is the solution. Bakha has read the history and knows what will happen but it has yet to be disclosed. As we go on to episode 11 and 12 this week I hope that we can get more clues as to how the crown princess died and how they went to the future.

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