Multiple weddings!


Man this is the year to get married in Thailand! Just in the past week we had two major weddings. The first with Aff and her man Songkran. The second with Chakrit and Woosen. Below are pictures from both weddings.




Now I’m not a big fan of Aff but I do love her dress! I’m not a big fan of Songkran either but I think he looks handsome on his big day. I wish the two happiness as they continue their journey together.





No! Chakrit got married! j/k I’m happy to see that he has finally gotten married. I was kind of skeptical about this relationship because it came out of nowhere and they got married pretty fast. He has gone through a lot of relationships in his life but has finally found the one. Now I don’t know much about his wife only that she is from a Hi-so family but she had a lovely dress on minus the one above.

I think that its pretty funny the guys got married during the same time. They starred in the movie “The Bodyguard” together. I also met the two at the same time when I was in Thailand! Oh well!

Congrats to these two couples!! I’m looking forward to who else will get married as it is the year of the dragon, one of the best years to get married. 

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