King 2 Hearts


I’m currently watching three dramas right now and King 2 Hearts is one of them. I wasn’t interested at first just because Ha Ji Won was doing another action role. But I won’t lie the one that got one me into this drama was Jo Jung Suk aka Eun Shi Kyung.



Princess Jae Shin!


These two are so cute! They first met when he was sent to pick her up only to find that she changed her flight to go and sing at a concert. He has no idea what she looks like and twists her arm behind her back thinking she stole the princess phone. This leads to giving her a bad impression of him. He eventually wins her heart when he asks her why she looks down at him when it is him and the bodyguards who give their lives to ensure that she is safe. He falls for her at the same time when she sings him a song to apologize.


I love that Jae Shin relies on him to protect her and he wants to protect her. In the picture above from the most recent episodes he tells her to not be afraid and that he will be watching her every move. He also told her that when they were watching for the shooting star he didn’t see it since she shone brighter.


Can we get a kiss out of these two? Maybe like next week?

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2 thoughts on “King 2 Hearts

  1. niKai says:

    He’s the reason for me to continue watching too. Especially when he was so awesome in the drama “What’s Up?”

  2. Anie ZoCew says:

    Jo jung suk,, u are the best espesially when u singing “girl” I really more n more hmmmm ^__^……

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