Arang, Faith, Haeundae Lovers, Nice Guy, To the Beautiful You

Sorry that I’ve been missing! I went on a study abroad trip, then to Cali for a family vacation, had a graduation party and have been working. I’ve been lazy I admit but I do hope to continue updating my blog as I go.


So many dramas, so little time to watch. A bunch of dramas have surfaced with big names and big stories. The only drama I am watching right now is Haeundae Lovers but and following recaps of other drams courtesy of Dramabeans. So far Faith and Arang has my interest, while To the Beautiful You not so much. I am waiting to see how Good Guy fairs but the teaser looks good so far and the leading couple have great chemistry.




(Nice Guy)


(Haeundae Lovers)

The good thing is that there seem to be a lot of good dramas out the bad thing is I don’t have time to watch them all. I’m somewhat watching a Thai lakorn, Japanese drama and reading/watching the Korean dramas I have just listed. I have somewhat given up on Taiwanese dramas for now because they take so long to finish (I can’t really handle a drama that comes out once a week and takes 3 months to finish). I will post some reviews of movies I have watched and dramas that I am currently watching. Please look forward to it. Also thanks to all my readers who have subscribed to my blog as I never thought I would receive any. Thank You!!

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One thought on “Arang, Faith, Haeundae Lovers, Nice Guy, To the Beautiful You

  1. raindrops says:

    i’m watching only nice guy among currently airing dramas….

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