Detective Cha: Review

I was finally able to watch Detective Cha with Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yu Ri a week ago and it did not live up to its hype. I was a little happy with the two reuniting after Hong Gil Dong because they had great chemistry but I don’t think that it helped this movie. Now if you don’t know the summary of the movie I can sum it up in a sentence. A cop loses weight to go undercover as a model and falls in love with the designer. That is basically the story. Now lets move on to the actor and actresses role in the movie. Now Cha Chul Soo (Kang Ji Hwan) looked like this when he was introduced:

Over weight and scrubby and board line disgusting. It seem he didn’t like taking showers or something. Now Ko Young Jae (Sung Yu Ri) is a fashion designer who has a part in the fashion show they want to infiltrate. She agrees and allows a cop to be apart of the show but the guy they choose gets injured and so a new models has to be chosen only to have Chul Soo be the new model. It turns out that Chul Soo and Young Jae use to be classmates in high school. He used to be a good fighter with a nice body but somewhere along the way he let himself go. Him being the new model leads with Young Jae helping him lose weight in order to get in to fashion show leading him to look like this:

Although he is able to lose weight the bad guys have already figured out that he is a cop and that Young Jae is working with them. So much for being undercover.

The three eye candy models that are also in this movie are useless as they don’t really serve a purpose. They are left on the side and used when only needed to push the story line.

I think you can tell by this review that I din’t enjoy this movie like I thought I would. I thought I would get more from this movie but I was expecting to much. If you are a Kang Ji Hwan or Sung Yu Ri fan you might like this movie. Here is one part that I like.

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One thought on “Detective Cha: Review

  1. AAAA says:

    Thank for your honest review. I agree with you. I am a KJH fan, but I am disappointed in the quality of film scripts compared to drama scripts. I can almost say that there is not one really good film script that I’ve seen from Korea. In fact, they should hire drama screenwriters to write a film. It’s such a waste of KJH’s talent. Sung Yuri added nothing to the film except her beauty. Maybe they should have focused the story more on his inner and outer transformation, instead of focusing on the drugs and action. Again, such a shame with the story plot. He shouldn’t do any more films, in my opinion, unless he finds a really well written story that uses and deserves his talent.

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