Sector 7 : Review

I watched this movie one day randomly with the family and could not stop laughing. I’ve my share of monster movies and this one was just stupid. I thought that coming from the director who made “The Host” it was going to be good yet it was the other way around. The story line of a monster who lived at a oil rig and started killing was interesting but past that the story of how it got there and how they solved it was plain dumb.

Now I know some people are big fans of Ha Ji Won but ever since she continued being a action actress after SG I’ve been bored with her projects. Its just the same character over and over again. Her character in this movies was suppose to be a strong woman but she was annoying. I don’t know how many times she snickered at her coworkers and acted tough when she her self had just screamed about what to do. I just wanted to punch her character for being dumb and selfish.

**Spoiler** Everyone dies except for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’d say it took at least half the movie just trying to kill the monster who apparently had multiple lives. There were some loops holes if you watched the movie as they said the monster could burn for 24hrs yet when they did light it on fire it only burned for a few minutes. That there just didn’t make any sense. And at the very end when she did beat the monster she was walking out all cool and slow while the place was exploding yet she managed to get on her bike and ride through the rig as it was exploding? Where is the logic in that.  **Spoiler**

Over all don’t watch this movie if you don’t want to. Oh Ji Ho did not really have a role and Ha Ji Won was just plain old Ha Ji Won. It gave me good laughs for being ridiculous but that was about it.

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One thought on “Sector 7 : Review

  1. Wes B. says:

    This sounds like a really intense movie. Excellent review! I hope to see more from you.

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