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Adventure Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have fallen in love with Adventure Time. Jake the Dog and Finn the Human has captured my heart. A few of my family members think that I have weird taste for liking this show but it has heart and it is hilarious. Each character stands out in a great way and make me laugh. Continue reading

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Back from my trip!


I don’t remember if I mentioned that I was going to Egypt for school but now I am back. I did my best to stay connected by watching dramas but never had a chance to blog while I was there. I regret not bring my laptop. But any who I have so much to blog about not only about my trip but of the three dramas I have watched that ended. I have to say that that Queen In Hyun’s Man is my favorite! I did enjoy Rooftop Prince but QIHM won me over. The most perfect man Kim Boong Do! You can’t beat that!


I’ve been watching videos on YT that have been making me laugh and wanted to share with everyone. They can be music videos to random clips. Here is the first of many more to come!

It’s a very catchy song isn’t it! 😀

Thai celebrity update

So I know I haven’t been updating a lot like I said I would but classes have thrown a load of HW.   Here is a update on Thai Celebrities.

1. Film has returned to Thailand and is still be hit with scandals. Just recently another girl came out to say she has been dating Film for the past year and a half. Will the scandals with Film ever end?

2. Pancake and Weir to do another lakorn together? They had just recently broken up with the rumor of Pancake going out with Pae Aruk and are said to be getting back together for a lakorn. (Also since Weir was living with Pancake and her family he has moved out since the new broke out and is waiting to move into a newly built house.) They are doing a new lakorn together and it seems that Pancake is not effected at all.

3. Paula has given birth to a baby girl!  Congrats to her and her husband!

4.A possible committed suicide connected to Dok Som See Thong. Ch3 lakorn has been a hit lately with the promiscuous Reya going around and stealing other womens husband making the ministry of Culture come out to ban the lakorn. The lakorn didn’t get ban but a lot of the sexy scene have been edited out.

5. As a Ken-Ann Fan I just have to tell the world that they are getting back together to film another lakorn! It will start this June actually and air next year. Ken is filming another lakorn with Janie. As for Ann this is the first lakorn she has confirmed to be in. When I get more news I will update on them!


Sorry for those who have been keeping track of Do’s and Don’t of Lakorn, I was out of town last weekend and could post one up! I’ll do a double/triple this week to make up for it! Also Classes have started again for me but since I’ve been lagging on posting I will post more!

Happy Valentines Day!

It’s Valentines Day and yet I am still alone! J/K Happy Valentines everyone! I would like to say I Love You to my family back at home to whom I miss and to my wonderful friends. Its a day for Love so if you have someone tell them that you love them. I know I will. Have a great day everyone!

It’s been a year

Wow, time has gone by so fast that it’s already a year since I started this blog.  I know that I’ve been lagging but I promise to keep this blog going. Thank you to all those that visit my blog. It will be better in the future. Thank You So Much!