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Ueno Juri looking young and fresh


Ever since I saw Nodame Cantabile I have fallen in love with Ueno Juri. She is an amazing actress no doubt but I think it was the Taiga drama “GO” that she did that made her fall a little. Any who I still love her and she always cease to amaze me. I am not sure when the pictures were taken since I got it from Tumbler but they are recent. It looks like she is sporting the short hair again.  Continue reading


Arrietty: The Borrower

As a child I remember reading “The Borrowers” a story about a family of small people who lived with humans and borrowed from them. When I first came across this the name ringed a bell but I couldn’t remember why. I then looked it up and found out that this was based on a book I had read when I was still in elementary school. I was excited as I was familiar with the storyline and wonder how they were going to tell the story of Arrietty meeting the boy and how her life changed.

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Starring: Yusuke Iseya as Tetsuya Azuma/Casshern, Aso Kumiko as Luna Kozuki, Karasawa Toshiaki as Burai, Mayumi Sada as Saguree, and Kaname Jun as Barashin.

Rating: 4.5/5

Summary: Set in a retro-futuristic alternate world where the entire planet is divided between two opposing alliances, “Casshern” is at once visually entertaining and dramatically profound. The earth is left diseased and polluted through a “great war.” The geneticist Dr. Azuma vies for support from the government for his “neo-cell” treatment which can rejuvenate the body and regenerate humankind. His appeals for funding is turned down by the government leaders who fear that the new technology will threaten their entrenched powers. Driven to complete his work by a desire to save the life of his beloved wife, Dr. Azuma accepts an offer from a sinister militaristic faction. However, Azuma’s “neo-cell” cloning experiment goes haywire after an accident, and a race of mutant humans (quasi-androids) is unleashed upon the world. Tetsuya, Azuma’s son, volunteers to be reborn as the bionic warrior Casshern in an attempt to save the world, and to clear the name of his father. Casshern valiantly sacrifices his own humanity in order to attain the powers needed to defeat mankind’s powerful enemies. Haunted by the memories of his slain mother and having to deal with the super robot that has absorbed his father’s consciousness, Casshern must put aside his own emotions in a desperate bid to save the human race.(Credits to D-addicts)

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